Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pinky's dedication

Last weekend we had Pinky's dedication with both sets of grandparents in town. I was hoping my mom would arrive earlier because she wanted to spend some time with just her and the kids. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. Both grandparents showed up around the same time. One set wanted to go out to eat, while the other set wanted to stay in. Wah Wah had been cooking all day for her party the next day, and didn't feel like cooking more. I decided to order pizza from Papa Keno's which impressed everyone (They make the best pizza).
Wah Wah's parents spent the night at our house while mine went to a hotel. My mom complained that Wah-Wah's step mother hogged the kids. She probably did but I could really start to see Woogy bonding with her. Up till now, Woogy has always considered my mom to be "grandma", now he understands he has two grandmas.
For church the next day, both grandparents were in attendance with us. I have to admit that I don't always feel very comfortable with my parents in church. They did raise me to be Catholic (they failed miserably), and up until I got married, Catholicism is all they knew. They are used to standing up and sitting down a hundred times, listening to a 5 min sermon, and quietly leaving service with out talking to anyone. Typically there isn't a lot of praising God or people enjoying themselves.
Anyway, Wah-Wah's two sisters also attended and brought their kids, so we had more family with us than normal. When the pastor said the prayer, I think everyone, including the helpers in the nursey, where amazed that Pinky didn't cry when the Pastor was holding her. Typically, no one but Wah-Wah can hold her for more then 10 seconds before she starts crying.
I enjoyed the Pastor's prayer all up to the point where he prayed that I reach people in my work place. I told myself, "yeah, that would be nice if I actually had a place to work." I kind of wanted to interrupt the Pastor and say that "I'm unemployed, why don't we pray for that?" But that would have been rude, and besides, the Pastor had no way of knowing that I am unemployed.
Afterwards, the whole family came back to our house for chile. At that point, I was kind of happy that no one else had come since we barely had room to sit all those people in our humble home.


shakedust said...

I thought things might be a little chaotic and packed after church. I hope the pictures of Pinky's dedication turned out. I was impressed how well she handled the long prayer. I was more fidgety than she was.

T said...

Dedications are very special times, I am glad that your family made it in for it. I am sorry we (1ST Service people) missed it. She's a special baby with a special family.

Roaming Writer said...

Can't tell you what a cool look at life in the good ole USA this was. I really enjoyed it - kind of like being in church to see it!