Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No Daddy's Girl

While on my vacation in Oregon, I tried to get our infant, Pinky to take a bottle. Up till now, she has been nothing but breast fed and now Wah-Wah is returning to work this week. Since she wasn't taking the bottle, this was bringing up a lot of anxiety that Wah Wah will not be able to return to work.
Nearly everynight, myself and my mom tried to feed Pinky with a bottle. All she did was scream at us. I even went so far as to buy a bottle shaped like a breast (yeah I know what you are thinking). Not even the breast shaped bottle would fool Pinky. My mom, who was so optimistic in the begining, told me that it was hopeless. At that point I was beginning to examine our options.
Finally, when we got home, and I pushed Wah Wah to try to feed her with a bottle. After a few hours, Pinky took the bottle from Wah Wah. Much of last week, Wah Wah spent with our baby sitter getting Pinky use to her. It seems to be successful. God does answer prayers.
One problem still remains, Pinky will not take the bottle from me. Infact, she will not let me hold her. Even when Wah Wah is not around, Pinky still cries. Apparently Pinky will go to strangers better than her own father. Over the weekend, my sister in law, watched Pinky while Wah Wah and I went out. When we returned, my sister in law said she did fine.
It would seem that Pinky is no daddy's girl. She only smiles at me in the morning as I'm leaving. I get the feeling that she is happy that I'm gone. I hope this is just a phase, and in 15 years from now, she is still screaming at me.

Monday, August 29, 2005

My vacation to Oregon

Here is some pictures of the Oregon
coast taken on my vacation