Monday, June 26, 2006

I need a vacation Part 2

About a month ago, I written a blog stating how I needed a vacation. I thought the matter was solved when Wah-Wah and I decided to drive up to the Black Hills for a week. Unfortunately my mom was offended that we were not planning on visiting her in Oregon. She had previously stated that she wasn't going to fly us out this summer and I couldn't afford a couple thousand dollars to fly out there. She changed her mind and is booking us tickets in August to fly out. I told her as much as I appreciate it, Wah-Wah and I really want to see something different besides Oregon. Mom didn't take that too well, so we decided to visit Oregon again.
I'm beginning to believe that I may end up living in Oregon someday. I don't like the idea of my parents flying me out there a couple times a year and having to spend all of our summer vacations with them. It's like they want us in their lives but at the same time they are moving across the country. Then there is the fact that my dad is trying to bribe us to move out there. It seems we are stuck. Wah-Wah's side of the family doesn't want us to move (even though we hardly see them anyway despite the fact they are in town), and my family is putting the pressure on to move. I'll have to decide some day.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Shared Birthdays

Last Saturday we had what was the first of many shared birthday parties of our two kids. Woogy and Nibble's birthdays are only two days apart, so we will probably always combine them. Keep in mind, we didn't plan it that way. This year, Nibble's didn't care about sharing her birthday, but I fear what she might think in the future about sharing her party.

Most of the party focused on Woogy. We had both sides of the family come down from Iowa (as you can see the two grandfathers proudly taking pictures in the corner of the picture). Woogy had a few kids from his babysitter's house, and a few neighborhood kids come over. We decided to have a Star Wars theme party, since that seems all Woogy plays now. I used to love to play Star Wars when I was his age, so I can relate. He actually plays with some of my old figures.

As far as presents go, I bought Woogy a Power Wheels jeep. He never asked for one, but I always wanted one when I was his age, so I thought he would like it. Instead he likes his new X wing fighter and lightsaber better. Just a couple of years ago, all he wanted was Thomas the Tank Engine. Now it seems he could care less about trains.

Since Nibbles only enjoys playing with her brother's toys, we only got her a couple of her own toys. Nibbles still had a good time eating some of her birthday cake and being held by Wah-wah.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our church's food pantry

I just wanted to give a"kudos" to our food pantry at church. I've worked with several families over the years that have struggled to afford food for their family, and our church has always provided. They have never turned anyone away that I can recall.
Last week I was working with a mom who didn't get her disability check on time (because of the holiday) and they had no food in their house. She had already used the $10 in food stamps the state provided. I called to various agencies in the Independence area, and nobody said they could help because she didn't live in their catchment. I was pretty frustrated when I finally called our church and they arranged a couple bags of groceries for me to pick up.
Many other families have benefited from our church' s pantry. What I like best about connecting with our church is that they don't ask questions. I've worked with a few families that have been too embarrassed to go and really don't' want to be a burden. I also appreciate the fact that our church doesn't really care where the family lives. I realize there probably isn't a lot of starving people in Overland Park, but it is nice to know that they will give to families outside the area