Monday, June 05, 2006

Our church's food pantry

I just wanted to give a"kudos" to our food pantry at church. I've worked with several families over the years that have struggled to afford food for their family, and our church has always provided. They have never turned anyone away that I can recall.
Last week I was working with a mom who didn't get her disability check on time (because of the holiday) and they had no food in their house. She had already used the $10 in food stamps the state provided. I called to various agencies in the Independence area, and nobody said they could help because she didn't live in their catchment. I was pretty frustrated when I finally called our church and they arranged a couple bags of groceries for me to pick up.
Many other families have benefited from our church' s pantry. What I like best about connecting with our church is that they don't ask questions. I've worked with a few families that have been too embarrassed to go and really don't' want to be a burden. I also appreciate the fact that our church doesn't really care where the family lives. I realize there probably isn't a lot of starving people in Overland Park, but it is nice to know that they will give to families outside the area


forrest said...

That's cool. I had no idea the extent of the food pantry. Maybe, I should think about donating food.

T said...

It's a great ministry. I think there are a lot more "needy" families in this area then people realize and I agree the church has always been kind and considerate of those it's helping. I know families that have benefited and were encouraged to continue getting assistance even when they felt they had overextended themselves.

Kudos to OVPAG and their awesome kindness in helping others feed their families! :)

shakedust said...

Makes me feel better about the pantry too. I know it is a very important ministry in the church.

GoldenSunrise said...

I am glad that the church food pantry could help your client. What a great ministry!

Roaming Writer said...

I bet there are a lot of people who don't want to ask or admit the need for help. It's nice there is somewhere to go get something without a lot of red tape.