Monday, February 20, 2006

2 shows in two weeks

I hope I never get tired of going to concerts. I went to my first rock show when I was 13 and have enjoyed ever since. Sometimes they are life alternating experiences (as in U2 in St.Louis and Coldplay at Memorial Hall). Though I wouldn't quite give last Thursdays performance of the Violet Burning on the level as U2 or Coldplay, it still was a great show.
Last Thursday night, A Forrest and I went to some family's house to see the Violet Burning play in their basement. Talk about a small venue! These must be really cool parents to host a rock concert in their basement. There were about 30 people that showed up. It looked like most of everyone knew each other and I was figuring that this would be some sort of a revival coming. But it never did. There was no hidden purpose to share the gospel. Even Michael Pritzel (the lead singer) usually spends 15 mins talking about the Bible and in prayer, was relatively quite about the gospel. He's usually a very good speaker and is really inspiring.
The Violet Burning instead played mostly songs from their new album which I enjoyed. A Forrest and I talked briefly to the guitarist and where pretty amazed that he just joined the band a day ago.
This week, on Wednesday, we are seeing Sigur Ros, a band I've really been getting into. In case you've never heard of them, they are a band from Iceland whose songs are very ethereal, and atmospheric. As far as lyrics go, they are either in Icelandic or nothing at all. This is good for your imagination since you have to listen to the music and make up your own mind. Their music is so unique, abstract, and complex that it will be interesting to see how they pull it off live. Their new album "Takk" is a masterpiece. I listen to it nightly before I go to bed and discover something new in the music every time.
I obviously have high expectations going into this show, so we'll see what happens. Two shows in two weeks is pretty good for me

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has come and gone and like always, I don't plan things out in advance. A great example: I had a great idea a few weeks ago of taking Wah-Wah to the Nelson Art Galley for dinner, music, and to browse the art work. Unfortunately, when I went to get tickets, they were sold out.
Fortuately things worked out and we had a good Valentine's Day. This is actually our ninth one together (she remembered that, I didn't). I had the day off (since our babysitter wanted a day off)and I dropped off flowers at Wah-Wah's work. I couldn't see her since her company is working on the bird flu and it is pretty restricted. Afterwards, I took Woogy and Nibbles to the Wonderscope. Woogy always has a great time there as long as we don't go more than once a year.
After several hours of playing, we went to pizza street for Woogy's first all-you-can-eat-pizza buffet. When lunch was done, I stopped by "Need More Disc" and picked up the new Ester Drang and then took Woogy home for a nap. While Woogy slept, I spent some time with Nibbles and got her to go for her first crawl.
When Wah-Wah came home, we exchanged gifts. I gave her the first 3 Harry Potter books on hardback since she doesn't own them. Our babysitter did agree to watch the kids for a few hours tonight, so we dropped them off and went out to Outback Steak House. Calling ahead did no good since it was still an hour wait when we got there. We decided to order our food to go.
I'm glad we did that, because we had a nice quite meal at home by candlelight with some wine. I had Over the Rhine's "Drunkard's Prayer" playing which was perfect background music.
I'm glad things worked out. Next year, I just need to plan more in advance.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speed trap

My job is pretty consuming. This is the first chance I've had to blog in a while. I've been getting home late and having to do progress notes for a while. As busy as I am, I'm not complaining that much. I do enjoy my job (somewhat)but it is starting to cost me.
I've noticed that the Missouri side of KC is one big speed trap. I drive all over the place from Independence to Grain Valley, and cops are everywhere pulling people over. I've been pulled over twice with in 30 days (that's not good). Both times were for less than 15mph over the speed limit and both times I was given tickets (which proves a fact I've longed believed: cops never cut me any slack). My second ticket, I had a hysterical mother in my car that I was trying to get to the hospital, but the cop didn't seem to care.
I admit that I've got a lead foot and my job puts pressure on to drive from one end of the city to another in order to get contact hours, but this is getting annoying. Up till now, I haven't gotten a ticket in almost 3 years, now I'm lucky to go three days without getting one. Well I've slowed down, but I'm considering a radar detector before I get another ticket