Friday, April 29, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

For Christmas, I was given a great book to read from my sister called "Angel and Demons." I quickly noticed that it was by the same author who wrote the very controversial "Da Vinci Code", but I didn't have anything else to read so I decided to give it a try.
As it turns out, "Angels and Demons" is one of the best books I've ever read. It's fast paced, suspense filled, and a real page turner. In a nut shell, it's about a group called the "Illuminti" who are trying to blow up the Vatican in the middle of a pope election. The main character, Robert Langton, races around Rome trying to stop the murder of cardinals, and a bomb.
After reading this book I decided to read the next book in this serious-"the Da Vinci Code". Yes I decided to venture were no Christian had gone before and see what the big deal was. As you know, Rome has called for a ban on the book, as well as many Christians. My opinion on this book is that it is ridiculous, and if so much attention wasn't paid to it, it would probably go unnoticed.
The controversy comes from the plot that Robert Langton stumbles on to proof that Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a daughter and that Mary is the "Holy Grail". This idea was borrowed from a book 20 years ago called "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and offers no physical proof what so ever. If this book shakes your faith, than you never had much faith. I found this book more ridiculous than controversial. You should know that nowhere in this book does it state that Christ was never the son of God or that he died for our sins.
If anyone would be offended in this book, it would be the Opus Dei- a far right wing sect of the Catholic church. In the book, the church dispatches a albino monk (yes, that's right, an albino monk) to kill Langton before the secret gets out.
With a movie coming out next year directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, it is likely that the "Da Vinci code" will get more attention. Frankly I don't see what the big deal is. This is clearly fiction. Mildly entertaining at that.

Friday, April 22, 2005

What annoys me in theaters

Since becoming a father, I have significantly cut back on a favorite past time-- going to the movies. For one reason, I find it very difficult to take a toddler, much less justify paying for one. When I used to go almost every week, I now go maybe once every couple of month's ( My last trip to the movies was several weeks ago to see "Sin City"). What I've been thinking about is that there are some things about movie theaters that consistently annoy me (Ticket prices are too easy, they annoy everyone)

1. The concession stand guys trying to get me to "supersize" my popcorn and drink. They say for .50 more they can supersize my already big drink to a 60 oz drum. If I could actually drink all that, I would be going to the bathroom throughout the movie. Then they say that if I buy a extra large popcorn, I could get free refills. Even between two people, I would get really sick eating that much popcorn, much less desire a refill.

2. When you are running late , there are 5 theaters playing the same movie and you don't know which one is yours. Theaters put little signs up that say the times, but sometimes you still can't find the theater because there are so many. The only directions you get are from the usher that says "to your right". Half the time he doesn't know were the movie is either.

3. The floor of the theater. This is especially nasty if you go later on, after several audiences have been through. I usually have to take my shoes off when I get home because I have half melted Milk Duds stuck on them.

4. Those military recruiting commercials. If Hollywood really wants you to serve, they shouldn't show that guy hanging from a cliff while trying to scale a mountain, but more movies like "Top Gun". After seeing that movie, a lot of guys wanted to join the Navy.

5. Those ads that show millionaire celebraties asking you to give more money to a charity after you've just blown almost $25 for less than two hours of entertainment.

Friday, April 15, 2005

why achtung

In case you are wondering why I named the post "AchtungBB" it is from U2 classic 1991 album "Achtung Baby" This was a album with a ridiculous name, but a very serious message. I'd say this is the best U2 album ever.
GO back to 1991. U2 was still recovering from the criticism of Rattle and Hum. They were seen as too "self rightous". The band that made "the Joshua Tree" at a time of hair metal was now jamming with BB King. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not forging new sounds which the band is known for doing.
Then they reinvent themselves as cyber punks and launch Zoo TV, a assult on the senses with pop culture and media. If they were going to be seen as self rightous, why not indulge in it? However the music would speak for itself-exploring the flip side of relationships in a time of madness, yet still finding beauty.

hair dye

If you have ever imagined what your hair would look like in different colors, take my advise and get it professionally done. Take last Sunday for example.
After hearing from everyone I needed a hair cut, I decided to get one. I lost just about all my highlights in the process, that despite what my wife told me, I thought made me look a little younger. Highlighting didn't seem that hard when the ladies at Fantastic Sams did it, so I decided to try it on my own. The guy on the highlighting kit sure looked pretty cool.
Unfortuately this kit turned my hair a yellowish orange which is definately not my color. Since the damage was done, my wife runs to the store and buys black hair dye( No way am I going out in public). 35 minutes later, I have jet black hair (it's better than yellowish orange). Unfortuately it would cost around 75 bucks for Fantastic Sams to try to find my oringial hair color, so I've decided to keep it. When all the black hair grows out, I'll probably spend a little extra money and get it professionally done
Goodbye to the Stars
The month of May is just around the corner and with this we say goodbye to the two geek magnets that have been around for years. I'm talking Star Wars and Star Trek. Both series end in May for those who don't know. For the first time in my life there will be no new Star Wars or Star Trek. Honestly however, it's probably best that way.Star Wars will probably always be in pop culture, but the long question that I've wondered since 1977 will be answered: How did the guy in the scary mask, loud breathing, and James Earl Jone's voice, ever father a baby. Then I reliezed he must have done it before he became Darth Vader . I mean what kind of girl finds a guy with blinking buttons on his chest attractive?George Lucas does plan to keep Star Wars going by doing "Star Wars 3-D". Yes, it seems George Lucas is never satisfisfied. But instead of continuing messing up the special effects, why can't he do something about the acting? CGI can do such wonderful things, but it can't take away Luke shouting "Carrie!" after he destorys the Death Star. Nor can CGI do anything about the awful hair cuts that plague the serious.Star Trek on the other hand will probably be forgotten. Most fans have already forgotten it as the ratings indicate. When you are the lowest rated show on UPN, it's a curtain call. I've liked Star Trek for years, but the glory days are over. As for Star Trek:Enterprise ending, all I can say is I hope they don't make another spin off.Star Trek was a unique show, and offered man kind hope for the future. It seems aliens from across the galaxy speak very good english (yet I go down 10 miles to Armdale and I can't understand a word). Yet for all the great possiblities Star Trek envisioned, it shows man kind no hope for hair loss (Captian Picard) or weight loss (Mr. Scott).The question is what will us closet sci-fi geeks turn to now? X-files is long over. No more Lord of the Rings. Time will tell.
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Friday, April 08, 2005


Great CD"s on the horizon:: Starflyer, Garbage, New Order to name a few.
Check out the new Moby too. Not half bad
Concerts I need to see (but probably won't): Moby, the Doves,Muse.
Concerts I will go see: Keene, U2!