Friday, April 15, 2005

hair dye

If you have ever imagined what your hair would look like in different colors, take my advise and get it professionally done. Take last Sunday for example.
After hearing from everyone I needed a hair cut, I decided to get one. I lost just about all my highlights in the process, that despite what my wife told me, I thought made me look a little younger. Highlighting didn't seem that hard when the ladies at Fantastic Sams did it, so I decided to try it on my own. The guy on the highlighting kit sure looked pretty cool.
Unfortuately this kit turned my hair a yellowish orange which is definately not my color. Since the damage was done, my wife runs to the store and buys black hair dye( No way am I going out in public). 35 minutes later, I have jet black hair (it's better than yellowish orange). Unfortuately it would cost around 75 bucks for Fantastic Sams to try to find my oringial hair color, so I've decided to keep it. When all the black hair grows out, I'll probably spend a little extra money and get it professionally done


windarkwingod said...

Just tell everyone that you're a "spaniard..."
(a gothic one)

forrest said...

I think it give you a "Bono meets Robert Smith" look.

shakedust said...

Your hair was dyed? I hadn't noticed.

Roaming Writer said...

Sounds like an exciting day at your house. I will have to remember this advice!