Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Job hunting continues Part 3

This week hasn't been very productive with job hunting until today. I had an interview with Kansas City Regional Center, which I was very impressed with. It seemed like something I would enjoy doing. Unfortately my interview was rather short because they said they had a tight schedule, so I didn't get to ask all the questions that I would have liked to. Right after the interview, the HR lady took me to a clinic and had me do a drug test (maybe they thought I was on something, or maybe they are interested, I really don't know). It is so hard to know what these people are thinking.
I also received a call from Jackson County Court for a Intensive Juvenile Probation Officer position. They want me to come in and take a test on Friday. I would also love that position. I did my internship with probation and loved it. I have pretty much wanted to be a PO since I got into this field. I hope I don't blow it.
I also received noticification from the state of Missouri to come in next week and take a merit test for a Case Manager and a Social Worker positions. Those would also be nice to land.
Lastly, I got a call from Johnson County Developmental Disabilities and they want me to come in and meet the staff that I would be supervising as well as the consumers (the people they serve). So that sounds like something might happen with them. The problem is, that I'm not really that excited about working there. The pay isn't that great, but it is a position with Johnson County which could open some other doors. There are also promotional opportunities. I would work a four day week (save some money in babysitting) and my schedule would be from 1-11pm Mon, Tues, Thrus, and Friday (No Homer's Thursday night and not a lot of time with family). So as you can see, it definately has it's draw backs, but on the other hand, I'm getting desperate. I've been out of work for a month now. The longest I've been unemployed until now has been 2 days.
I have had interviews with Swope Park (I've given up on them) and Truman which sounded like good positions, it's just I haven't heard anything back yet. I would hate to take a job, then leave it for something else (all though I wouldn't be the first person to ever do that). So I don't know what is going to happen.
I'm still wondering whatever to Wyandott Center? Almost 3 weeks ago, I received a call from the Executive Director, stating that I would be offered a chance at another position in the company. He then instructed me to call Randy (my old director)and he would set something up. Either Randy is dead or he is intenionally not returning my calls. After three weeks of trying to call and not hearing anything back, I've concluded that there is no offer. They are just blowing smoke up my _ _ _. I guess what I'm wondering is that why was I told this in the first place? I would have appreciated it if Randy would at least return my call and say "I don't know what you are talking about." It is professional to return a call and Randy was all about being professional. Of course I haven't heard anything back from the Executive Director either. My guess is that there seems to be a breakdown in communication.
At this point I despise Wyandott Center and everyone there (not everyone, just management). To work for a company for 5 1/2 years, never recieve a bad review, lead in stats for 3 years straight, then get fired and never recieve a call back. I was even invited as the only staff to help Congressman Dennis Moore, the mayor of KC,and the director with the groundbreaking of the new center. I'm venting I know, but what have I done to deserve this? Oh yeah, I sexually harassed a 50 year old woman. I better stop doing that.


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shakedust said...

Appears you are popular with the spammers.

If you have that many leads, I would presume that an offer for one of them isn't too far away. The drawback of trying to get a job that is at all related to the government is that they take their good old time determining whether they really want to hire you.

forrest said...

Things (jobs) are looking up!
Hopefully soon!
Lets hope none of them find you blogsite.

GoldenSunrise said...

I think it is interesting that you always wanted to be a probation officer. Surely with that job you would be allowed to have a sense of humor. Or you could be a hard core jerk.

Roaming Writer said...

I can't believe the amount of interviews and leads you have in just one month - sounds like incredible work to me, and that it's about to pay off. Hopefully the one you want the most!