Saturday, October 15, 2005

Discovering the insurance biz

Shakedust is right as far as what the Primerica does-- train you, and the responsibility falls on you to meet your own clients. There is little risk that the company takes. It is a risk that I'm investing little in. The training is paid so you get your money back after you take your test. Plus I'm learning a lot about the insurance biz.
The guy that got me into this is a devote Christian and attends the same church that a certain "Visionaneering" person is now attending. I met with him for a few hours today over lunch. We talked a lot about faith and ministry. He says that he uses Primerica to help others get out of debt and if he can't, then he won't bother them. I thought that was pretty noble for a insurance guy.
I come from a totally different world than sales. As a Case Manager, my clients or customers didn't owe me anything for my services. A occasional "thank you" was always appreciated. But the bottom line is that you are not trying to make a buck off this person so your intentions are mostly sincere. But then I wonder if you are trying to make a buck, are you going to be trust worthy or are you going to say anything to sell your product?
I have had more than a few dealings with sales people who are your friend all up till the point you decide not to buy what they are selling. For example, I'll never forget the time I decided not to buy a truck from Randy Curnow Ford. I thought the salesman was going to break my legs. Literally, him and a few other salesman were ganging up on me. I sure don't want to be that kind of person.
I don't know if I'm cut out for this to be honest. If I can reduce the debt for a few people, then I guess I did OK. So far, I've learned a lot about insurance, and even met a guy who is on the board at Johnson County Mental Health who says he might be able to "pull some strings", so maybe things might work out (of course that is very optimistic thing for me to say)

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GoldenSunrise said...

Doing this insurance thing as a side job would be ok. I don't think it is good to mix business and friendships. So keeping that in mind, we probably won't be buying any insurance from you. : ) Hit up your family next week.