Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the job hunting continues...

Much to my surprise, the phone hasn't been ringing off the hook with job offers. I interviewed at 3 places last week were I felt the interviews went well, but no calls yet. Back when I was doing interviews, I usually could give you a answer in a week. I actually got someone hired the same day as her interview. No such luck for me yet.
But now something else has come up. Since I was "fired" various co workers I've talked to say I should take it up with Wyandott's executive director, Pete. Everyone says that he is a really nice guy and very understanding. This morning, I decided since I have nothing to lose, I called Pete's assistant and said I need to talk with The MAN. (the MAN),Pete called me back and said that he wasn't aware that I had been "fired"(even though his name appears on my severance papers)and said he doesn't see a reason why I could not have been transfered. He said that Randy, my director, holds me in very high regard and wants to meet with me.
I'm not sure I know what this is coming too. I told Pete that I don't feel I could go back to my old department with that dirty snake that fired me. Pete says that he thinks there are openings in the adult program but he thinks I might be happier working with kids.
With all this I feel like I'm standing at a crossroads in my life. Could I or would I return to Wyandott Center? Should I keep looking for another agency? Or should I do the postal thing which seems to be getting a lot of support.
I just had a few other options thown at me from a different kind of business--loans. Despite the fact that I know nothing about loans, a gentleman at American Mortgage said that I could work there as a loan officer. It's no sweat for him since this is a commission only job (I don't think I'm sold on this idea.
Then today, I met with a guy from Primerica and was offered a chance to sell insurance. Now I don't know a thing about insurance, but the guy said that he could train me in 3 months. I believe he also said that it was a paid training. He said the job is more psychology than knowing numbers plus he said your potential for income is unlimited. Sounds like there is a catch. If it is this easy to sell term life insurance, then how come everyone is not doing it?
I think I might visit with this guy again since I honestly have nothing better to do. But if he should ask me to send him a check to get me started, I'm gone.


shakedust said...

Does "Pete" know the circumstances behind your being let go? As I said before, something smells fishy about the entire thing.

Staying with Wyandotte sounds good if you can get past the fact that they let you go once.

Just so you are aware, the people who make money with Primerica are generally the Sales types. Don't jump into that option unless it is a last resort.

forrest said...

Something seems real fishy. Go back if you feel comfortable and then sue your old boss.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you were happy working there before the snake incident, my guess is that you would be happy working there away from the snake. Besides, you could ask Pete his policy about firing and the circumstances upon which you were terminated. My guess is that she did not follow protocol in addressing the issue to start with.

And to boot, wouldn't it give you just the slightest bit of vindication to see her face when you walk in rehired?