Friday, October 14, 2005

Follow up to a Little Help

There seems to be a lot of concern with this Primamerica thing. Trust me everyone, I have no intention of giving them money or doing one of those pyramid scams. I have no intention of making this a new career either.
The fact is, that I've got nothing to do all day but sit and dwell on the fact that I'm unemployed- which is very depressing. It is hard to sit and wait for a phone call that will never come. Since my wife is now the bread winner, I figure I could make a little extra money on the side since we are going to need it. If and when a job is offered, I plan to leave this far behind. I'd much rather do what I was doing than this Primamerica thing (unless of course I become filthy rich at it, which is unlikely.)
Finding a job in my field that pays well is not easy. It is also important to note that I am not licensed by the state which means all jobs in the hospital I'm not qualified to do. Don't get me wrong, I want a license but that means 2 years of school plus a semester of a unpaid internship. I am considering this as enrollment comes around again.
On a follow up note, it is now clear that the center I use to work for is jerking me around. Despite the fact that the director himself called me and said that I will be given another position, seems to be a bunch of crap. They have not been returning calls for several days now. I guess this is a pretty sick joke. It might have been a little kinder to say "you're not coming back" than "we'll take care of you and give you another job."


herder said...

Sorry for the runaround. Hope the job search materializes in better ways. Grace and I are praying for you. I will keep my eyes open if I see anything open in my neck of the woods.

shakedust said...

Golden and I haven't forgotten about you either.

I would consider speaking with a lawyer about the situation with Wyandotte. Seriously, the inconsistent behavior from them is a load of crap and probably not legal.

Regarding the Primerica thing, if my memory serves me right, the process goes something like this. You take a class to get certified to sell life insurance, you pay to take the test, and once you pass you find your own clients to sell to. All the risk and work is on your end and not Primerica's. It's kind of like working for Amway, but you have to get a certification first. My concern is that you will commit to something that will not provide the return on investment that you need.

Please let me know if I can help at all. Also, did you ever hear back from Kaw Valley?