Tuesday, October 02, 2007

September's Music

Here's my music picks for September.

Youth Group Casino Twilight Dogs Made famous by a couple of songs on "the OC" including a cover of one of my favorite 80's songs "Forever Young" by Alphaville. This is sort of a "guilty pleasure" album because of it's ties to the "OC". Not being a fan of the show, I've heard that a lot of good bands get some air time on the show. I guess whatever gets your music out there. But I love this album. One of the best I've gotten in a long time. Youth Group songs shimmer and shine. This is one of those albums that songs build to a sparkling majesty. Catchy at it's finer moments too. Athlete Beyond the Neighbourhood Somewhere beyond Coldplay but not as far out as Radiohead is Athlete in the Britpop arena. A little more experimental than their last album Tourist, Athlete use a little more electronics on this one. The upbeat songs such as "Hurricane", drive and kind of give you a push, while the slower moments are interesting and thoughtful. Beyond the Neighbourhood is Athlete's bid to come along side Britpop bands like Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Keane.
Vigilantes of Love To the Roof of the Sky You can't discuss VOL without mentioning how unfair it is that VOL (Bill Mallonee) is still relatively unknown. Bill Mallonee is so talented and such a good song writer. How is he not as important as Bob Dylan is a real mystery. VOL is so obscure that Bill Mallonee actually paid for the making of the album on his credit card and sold it out of his kitchen. Bill Mallonee lyrics have depth and maturity and a almost stubborn faith. I picked up this album on itunes (since that's the only place where it is available). A supervisor at work thought a did a great job helping out one of her clients so she gave me a gift card for itunes. I thought that was pretty cool to be paid in itunes. I could get use to it. Doesn't help feed my family, but is still a great reward.
Mum Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy It is always difficult to describe a Mum album. I guess they get compared to Bjork a lot because they are both from Iceland. But Mum are far more experimental and "out there" than Bjork at her most creative moments. I have to admit that I have a love of Icelandic music because it is so "out there" . To a casual listener, it's a "hard listen". Anyway, besides the lovely artwork (that is typically in a Mum album), it is a improvement from their album "Summer Make Good." I didn't find it as minimalistic as their last album.


shakedust said...

The only thing more suited to you than an iTunes gift card would have been a band t-shirt. Probably not even then.

Portland wawa said...

You amaze me when you talk about music. You sound like a different person, a college professor, a famous musician, you are so knowledgable and articulate. I wish I shared your passion.

f o r r e s t said...

Well said and much agreed on Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love. That is a good album.

Mum is on my list. It sounds better than their last "Summer make good." They are coming to town and I'd like to see them, but it is on Halloween night. I'm not sure how to squeeze that.