Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall festivals

This weekend I've been missing KC a lot since it's time for the annual fall festivals. One of my favorite past times was going to Carolyn's Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch, or Schaake Pumpkin Patch out in Lawrence, or even the Cider Fest down in Louisberg.
Carolyn's Pumpkin patch was always my favorite. They would always take you out to the middle of a pumpkin field so you can pick your own pumpkin. I seldom actually bought a pumpkin, but the ride was fun. They also had lots of things to do for the kids such as a train ride, tricycles, and playground equipment.
Cider Fest was always worth the trip just for the cider donuts. I also enjoyed the fall crafts out on display as well as the dancing.
This year we have tried to make do with a few pumpkin patches here in Oregon. I honestly can't remember the names of the two we visited last weekend. Last weekend was a pretty cool weekend so it really felt like fall, but I still missed KC. They had plenty for the kids such as corn mazes, petting zoos, and hay slides.
We also discovered this weekend that Nibbles loves horses. She insisted on going on one of those Horse-go-rounds, but then threw a fit when it was time to get down. I remember she kept running back to the horses every time we put her down. She can be very stubborn.
Sadly, I didn't get any cider donuts this year. One of the festivals had them, but the line was at least an hour long (I'm not kidding. The line didn't move an inch in 15mins). I guess it just isn't fall without my cider donuts.

Here's Nibbles riding her second horse (her first one she rode at her cousins house). I can just see her asking me for a pony every X-mas for the next 10 years. By the way, this is obviously the before picture. It got ugly after this.
Woogy on some hay. Thank goodness he didn't throw a fit like his sister when it was time to leave.
Nobody would believe me if I told them I carved this. Well I didn't, but I wish I did. I have never actually carved a pumpkin. Drawing a face is good enough for me.


shakedust said...

I think next year might be the time for us to start taking NJ to those sorts of things. Maybe we'll avoid the horses.

I was about to ask why you didn't become an artist if you created that masterpiece.

Portland wawa said...

We took Sydney every year with Alex, at 5 months and 17 months, and she always loved it.

f o r r e s t said...

Last weekend we did the family trip to the KC pumpkin patch. I'll probably put some pictures up on the Good E's website.

Dust, I bet NJ would be into it this year. Our boys were into it at age 1.

GoldenSunrise said...

mmmmm, cider donuts. (Homer Simpson voice) Yeah, I think we should take NJ to a pumpkin patch.

Portland wawa said...

The only place we found cider doughnuts in KC was the Louisburg Cider Mill? Or maybe Carolyn's Country Cousins did, I think I do recall it did.

T said...

Last fall we went to the Cider Mill and corn maze. We have one here not too far away that we might go to this next weekend, but nothing in the brochure mentions cider doughnuts. :(