Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall in Oregon

One of Imago Dei's emphasis is on beauty and worship. Not in people's physical appearance obviously, but in art and nature. After living here for a while, I see why beauty and nature are so valued. As Fall takes hold of the north west, the land changes colors that would inspire Claude Monet. I can see a beautiful change take place. Fortunately, the rain wasn't been much of a problem on the weekends, so we have continued our hikes exploring the area. Here are a few highlights:

This is Little Crater Lake. It's around the base of Mt.Hood. We saw this with on a hike back to Timothy Lake several weeks ago. I can't begin to explain the geology of this lake other than it was a crater that expanded and filled with underground water. It's as clear and blue as Crater Lake in southern Oregon, but a fraction of the size. You can easily see down to the bottom which is over 18ft. I love all the colors along the edge, and the perfect reflection in the water.

This is Butte Creek falls that we went to last week. A rather long drive from Portland, but worth it. It is surrounded by trees, so very little sun light ever hits the water. With all the fall colors surrounding the trees, I remember thinking this is as close to perfect naturally beauty as it gets.
Here are the lower falls of Butte Creek Falls just down stream. Unless you are really adventurous, this is as close as you could get. I don't think I really needed to get any closer anyway.


Portland wawa said...

Fall is really beautiful here, more so than the midwest. This weekend is supposed to be really wet so probably no hikes in the cards.

GoldenSunrise said...

It does look beautiful there. I so wanted to make a crack about Butte Creek. : )

Portland wawa said...

I didn't know what a butte was until I moved here. It's a small mountain.

shakedust said...

When I lived in South Dakota we passed several buttes to get from our hometown to Rapid City. That's when I learned the difference between butte and butt.

Most of the lakes that I am used to are rather muddy. A clear lake would be beautiful, I think.

T said...

That is gorgeous!

f o r r e s t said...

I love fall. The weather is cooling and the trees...they are changing.

Earlier this week, we took a road trip with work up into Iowa and the drive along I-35 was georgeous. The trees along the rolling hills were amazing and I love farmland vernacular.