Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blending in Portland

I've been in Portland for almost a year now so I sort of have an idea of what people are like around here. I've come up with a little guide to blending in around here.

1. Own a Columbia jacket
2. Take the bus or Max (train) where ever you go.
3. Use that money you save in gas for a $4.00 coffee
4. Ride a bicycle that doesn't have gears
5. don't shaved in days or have a beard.
6. Attended Imago Dei at least once.
7. If you are married, you drive a Suberu Outback.
8. Your Suberu has bike and kayak racks.
9. Listen to the Shins
10. Shop at Trader Joes (Grocery store that sells all organic and imported foods). Plastic bags are not a option there. Only recycled paper bags.
11. You know at least 3 lesbian couples.
12. You have hitch hiked a couple of times
13. Grow your own vegetables
14. Have a "Keep Portland Weird" bumper sticker


GoldenSunrise said...

Funny! Are you going to trade in one of the cars for an Outback? Are you growing your own veggies?

Dash said...

Not sure how far I'd have to drive to get a $4 coffee .. then again I'm spending it on gas - and then some.

Portland wawa said...

You forgot one. Don't shop at Walmart, ever.

shakedust said...

Nice to get an insight to Portland life, tongue-in-cheek or not. :)

T said...

No Walmart!? I would not do so well there. :(

f o r r e s t said...

Sounds like a big college town.

Portland wawa said...

Forest, it reminds me alot of a college town in the midwest. In most college towns, you get a lot of liberals, vegetarians, health and social-conscious people and that's Portland.

Roaming Writer said...

hilarious - this meets all my stereotypes for up there too. Are you succumbing to the pressure?

f o r r e s t said...

I love college towns (inparticular Lawrence,Ks) therefore I would love Portland.