Monday, November 20, 2006

slow start

Things are moving pretty slow here in Oregon, but I guess that is to be expected. Since my supervisor is gone 2 days of the week, I haven't had a lot to do. I even have time to blog at my work which I never had time to do on my last job. I don't hate my job yet, it's just a little boring. My coworkers seem nice, but I know they don't want me hanging around them all day. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
Speaking of slow starts, it turns out we can't move into our new house until next week. The movers decided to take a early Thanksgiving vacation and stay in KC a few extra days. This means that I'll have to stay at my brother's apartment a few more days and my family will be in Newport another week.
Wah-Wah and the kids flew in last Weds night. My parents got them Thursday morning and showed them the new house. Wah-Wah said she loved everything but the bedroom carpets. Wah Wah has already set up the utilities and we will now be getting cable. I haven't had cable in 5 years and have learned to live without it. I'm afraid the kids and I will turn into coach potatoes now.
Anyway, Wah-Wah met the new babysitter and liked her so hopefully things will work out. Wah-Wah said that there were a lot of little kids Woogy's age around the neighborhood.


shakedust said...

So long as you can look past the bedroom carpets, everything sounds great. :)

So you are learning about the joys of an office job?

GoldenSunrise said...

so far so good it sounds. even though things may seem slow.

So, your stuff is just sitting in a moving van in KC? I would be leary about that.

T said...

Will you get a break on the moving costs, since they aren't delivering when they said?

Will you spend Tgiving with your folks and wha wha then? Happy Turkey day!