Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My New House

Since I didn't have much going on at work today, I decided to check out my new house. I wouldn't say that it is much larger than the home I used to live in, but at least it is not a duplex with a neighbor standing outside smoking and bad mouthing the house. In fact, the house is in very good shape. My neighbor is named Oscar and he is retired and lived in the neighborhood a long time. He seems really nice and doesn't swear every other word like my last neighbor.
I don't have much of a backyard either. It's mostly all pebbles with some bushes along the side. There is a lot of storage around the house. First the garage is big enough to hold everything plus our cars. Then there are about 3 storage sheds around the property. Wah-Wah wants to covert one of the sheds to a play house for the kids. Everything else seems good. I'll finally have a bathroom in the master bedroom.
I've driven around the area and scoped out where all the shopping is. Portland is a great place if you don't like Walmart. People around here consider Walmart to be evil and don't allow it around here. Instead, they have Fred Myers which carries everything (The prices are a little inflated too). There is also a large number of ethnic restaurants around here that I will have to check out. We also have a lot of coffee houses and music stores (It's good to see those around).
Portland also has a high number of strip clubs as well. I've heard that Portland has the highest number of strip clubs per any other city it's size. I'm not sure why, it's just the way things are.
We hope to have everything moved in next Monday. I'll be driving down to Newport for Thanksgiving where my family is.
I hope things pick up here at my job. I've never had so little to do. Basically I'm waiting to get a case load going . I've started studying for my Oregon driver's license. It's a pretty thick manual. I've heard the test is hard if you don't read the book.


shakedust said...

Even if the house isn't much bigger, it sounds like it is more practical. I'd love a big garage.

That's weird that you have to take a drivers test when you move to Oregon. I remember Kansas just had to check to make sure I had a valid license from my previous state to issue a new license.

T said...

It would be awesome to have a play house for the little ones. If what we had here was more practical I would have done that for our kids when they were younger. I had one growing up! :) Great memories!

Roaming Writer said...

Sounds like a nice set up. Close shopping is important. Ours is a bit far and we have the choice of like an Aldi's which doesn't have everything and the equivalent of Hen House which has everything but makes you pay. Hope you pass the drivers test easily.

windarkwingod said...

Hopefully those strip clubs are Mom & Pop operations and not a large franchise that is destroying the environment.

Dash said...

Obviously there is a inverse corelation of the number of strip clubs and the presense of a Wal-Mart.