Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life in Oregon

I've been here in Oregon for almost 5 days and it has rained every one of them. It's called the "Pineapple Express" that brings rain from Hawaii across the Pacific northwest. Everyone tells me to get use to it.
Work is OK. Everyone is pretty friendly and loves my U2 pictures in my office. I can't say I really dig it here, but we do get free lunch from the school program that is on campus.
I attended my first Imago Dei home group last night. It seems a majority of the church's population are young couples with small children. We read through Psalms last night and then everyone starting singing. That was a little awkward. I'm going to a different one tonight. Afterwards, I'm picking up Wah-Wah and the kids at the airport tonight. Wah-Wah reported that we've had some problems with the crazy lady next door bad mouthing our house to the potential buyer. It's a big mess right now, and it could fall through.
Anyway, my parents are picking Wah-Wah up tomorrow and will show her the new house and hopefully meet with the babysitter. She'll stay till next week with them on the coast before we move in next Weds.


shakedust said...

You get free lunches?! That would have a huge impact on the budget if you were always eating out before. That is awesome.

I hope there aren't further problems with your neighbor and the potential buyer(s). That could be a legal issue if she keeps on doing that.

Dash said...

Sue her butt!!!!

.. and then when you've got all her money .. start relocating badgers and skunks to her back-yard.*

*In case this comment is ever Subpoenaed... please note that I was kidding.

GoldenSunrise said...

Wow. You are already getting to know people there. Hope you find a good home group.

I hope the sale of your house goes through ok.

Roaming Writer said...

Hope the house thing works out. We're waiting for the perfect renters to arrive, understand where you're at on that one.