Sunday, May 01, 2005

What is old is new again

This afternoon I spent some time in my favorite store- Borders- drinking coffee and reading the latest issue "Q" maginize. If you don't know, Q is everything in British music. This has been a magnize that I've read that successfully predicted the rise of Coldplay and with other great bands- Muse and Keane to name a few. What Q is predicting now is bands like Block Party, Kaiser Chefs, and the Bravery will take their place along side Coldplay of being great bands from Britain.
The only problem is all these bands sound the same- retro 80's. Like Interpol (who shamelessly sounds like Joy Division), the Killers, and Franz Ferdand, these up and coming bands are riding the retro waves of success. What they will find is that this wave will become stagnate.
These retro bands will find it difficult to make a second album because everything has already been done. There is nowhere else to take the "New new wave" sound. New Wave bands in the 80's discovered that (that's why they are not around any more). As long as these bands continue in this direction, they shouldn't plan on having a long career. It's ok to be influencend by New Wave, just don't build your career on it.
Like all phases of music, in a year or two, this retro phase will end. The secret to staying power is to be edgy and try something new. Forge a new sound (that is what music needs). Build off and take your sound in a different direction. This will keep your fans guess and eager to see what you put out next. That is what art is. Andy Warhol didn't go back and do the Mona Lisa. Van Gogh didn't rip off Monet. Be original. I don't mean to sound preachy (feel free to listen to whatever you want to), but life is too short for bad music.

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