Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My operation

Today I met with a Urologist about getting myself fixed. I wasn't I knew what to expect. As it turns out I had to watch a 25 year old video on the subject that sounded very much like a old sex ed movie. With the raising cost of healthcare, you would think they could afford to update the video to at least a decade ago. I had to spend 20 minutes listening to real life couple Steve and Carol discuss "being fixed" and how it didn't effect their sex life. To say it was cheesey would be a understatement. I wonder how this nice couple is doing now?
After the rather entertaining movie on why Steve and Carol don't want anymore kids, I met my doctor. Thinking it was going to be a rather manly man- grizzled old doctor that had been doing these kind of things half his life, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a nice young lady about the same age as my wife. Well this is definitely off to a interesting start.


windarkwingod said...

Good thing it was Steve & Carol... cause if it was Mike & Carol - well - Brady would be their last name. Despite there being the whole Brady Bunch. Mike Brady had gender issues later in life. I guess by your decision, you're not interested in the Branigan Bunch?

windarkwingod said...
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Dash said...

My 'procedure' was done by a gruffy old man. This was somewhat comforting in that I trusted him to be good at what he was going to do.

I'm not sure how I would have felt with a female 30-something doctor. I am disapointed however, that I didn't get to see a film.

Did you have to give a sample?

shakedust said...

Did the video mention frozen peas. If I remember properly, purchasing frozen peas is one of the most important steps for the procedure.