Sunday, May 01, 2005

May 1st- this weeks picks

New Order"Waiting for the Sirens"
On Wednesday I went out and picked up the new New Order- "Waiting of the Sirens". What a great ablum. Peter Hook gives his signature bass and Benard Sumner voice hasn't changed or lost it's innocent appeal. This one is a little more dance sound than 2000's "Get Ready" but still very fresh sounding. It's worth the title track alone.

Social Distortion "Sex, Love, and Rock and Roll"
I've been listening a lot to my favorite hard- luck-punk band for some reason. Social D was the first concert I ever went to- back in 1990. They put on a great show. Filled with raw energy that only Mike Ness's guitar can create. Their comeback record picks up where they left off (before their drummer died). These guys were living the punk life long before Green Day died their hair.

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windarkwingod said...

it always startles me to see punk on the rise again. In the late 70's and early 80's, Oi was just beginning to be heard on the coasts. At my school, people thought that "The Police" were punk (they were just the Nirvana of their day) Safety pins in your ears and the psychedlic furs were in then, and now they are back in some form. Is it me, or does music style frequently strip itself down and build-up again with new combinations of old trends. Makes you wonder if there is some kind of classical rebellion coming with cellos and stuff (but then again - that's been done._) just kidding about Q