Saturday, April 05, 2008

Woogy's first game

It seems odd that despite the steady rain, baseball season is pretty popular around Portland. A few weeks ago I decided to sign Woogy up for T-ball in a neighborhood league. He seemed more excited about playing T-ball than soccer, so I thought it was worth a try.
The kids named the team "The Cheetahs". Basically, if the kids learn the rules of baseball and have fun, that is all that matters.
I've been taking Woogy outside and teaching him how to catch and throw. He does alright and is throwing the ball in the right direction. He's actually a pretty good hitter.
Today was our first game in a long season (16 games). No really keeps score, and all the kids get up to bat. Woogy did pretty good today and scored two runs (I was counting). Even more importantly, he was able to keep focus on the game and not lose interest. We played for about an hour before it was over. That was enough for these kids. Over all, I was pretty proud of him.
I wish they had T-ball when I was growing up. I had to wait till I to wait till I was in fourth grade before I started playing. I remember I wasn't a hitter. I got up and hoped I got walked.

Here's Woogy at his first time up at bat. It was a single base hit.
Woogy at the pitcher's mount (he doesn't actually pitch). He enjoys be at the center of the action, but he really wants to player catcher because of the cool gear.

Woogy at first base. He was one of the few kids that ran when the ball was hit.

Since Wah-Wah has the flu, I took the kids to the Shriners circus tonight. This was their first circus and they both loved it.


shakedust said...

Wow, Woogy's already doing t-ball. That's awesome. Baseball is a fun game to play.

I hope Wah Wah starts feeling better soon.

Portland wawa said...

Yeah, it sucked. I was sick pretty much all weekend. I didn't see much of Woogy's game because Nibbles doesn't like to stay, she likes to play at the park across the field. I saw everything from a distance.

Why don't you get comments from these strange people like I do?

GoldenSunrise said...

Woogy looks cute in his uniform. I can't wait until NJ can play sports. Nibbles looks so grown up in that picture.

Roaming Writer said...

T-ball and the circus sounds like a wonderful kid day that they'll remember. It's funny we're not allowed to hurt feelings by keeping score anymore. We must all need psychologists really badly.