Saturday, April 19, 2008

My videos on my ipod part 1

Since I got my video ipod last year, I don't know how I ever lived without it. It's handy if you just got a few minutes to kill or several hours on a plane. I've put a few of the kids videos on that keep them entertained on long car trips, but I've also put some of my favorite music videos. Here is some of the music videos that I have downloaded from itunes:

Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence My favorite DM song features a pretty cool vibe video to go with it. Lead singer Dave Gahan dresses up like a king and walks to distant locations with a beach chair to sit and enjoy the silence.

U2 Window in the Skies A song from their last singles album, the video features cut out images of the band in their early days. It's a great video, but I kind of prefer the other version (which is not available on itunes) of everyone from the Beatles to Radiohead singing the chorus of the song.

U2 Original Of Species A beautiful digital video mixed with images from the band. The song is a message to a unborn child and with the digital effects capture the beauty, wonder, and innocence of new life. This video really hit home a few weeks ago when some friends of ours from church lost their baby an hour after birth.

U2 Where the Streets Have No Name This video captures what rock and roll is about--"civil disobedience" as Bono would put it, and that's just what they did back in 1987. When most music videos where about chicks and cars, U2 showed how music can still move people. This video captures an unrehearsed performance of U2 playing on a roof top to downtown LA. Of course, the police pulled the plug, but not before thousands turned out for a free concert.
U2 The Sweetest Thing U2 show a little humor in this one as Bono attempts an apology to his wife (who makes a 2 second cameo). This song was originally a b-side off the Joshua Tree (1987), but the band discovered it's potential a decade later and reworked to a bittersweet song. Bono originally wrote the song for his wife for missing her birthday. The video shows him making up for that mistake by offering her everything from a boy band, to shirtless firemen, to a marching band, to a giant heart in the sky.

Suede Metal Mickey Suede was one of my favorite bands of all time. They exploded onto the British music scene with what I would describe as "trash, gender bending, glam rock, David Bowieque"music. I found their image fascinating and musically being hopelessly romantic. This was one of their first videos about a girl working as butcher by day, and a stripper by night.

Suede Trash This is one of my favorite singles of all time. Brit pop at it's best. When I had first heard this song, I had all but given up on Suede. After all, the lead guitarist and co song writer had left, and the band replaced him with a 17 year old guitarist. The song captures life being young, poor, and in love.

Sigur Ros Hoppipolla I love Sigur Ros videos. Their music is a perfect backdrop to their videos. Here, Sigur Ros celebrate age and wisdom with a group of seniors running around town, playing pranks, and fighting like children playing pirates. It will make you feel like a child again.

Sigur Ros Glosoli Another celebration of age, only this time centered around a group of children in the Icelandic landscape. The finale shows the children running off a cliff, only to fly off into the distance. Original.

REM Leaving New York Another one of my favorite songs of all time, about how hard it is to leave a place (or city) that you love. The video features Michael Stipe (lead singer) wondering around an airport reflecting on if he wants to leave. REM loves New York.


shakedust said...

So, do you like the video quality/size on your iPod video?

Portland wawa said...

I love that DePeche Mode video and the U2 where the street have no name and the sweetest thing. Why didn't you mention the coldplay videos I know I have watched on your ipod?

f o r r e s t said...

I saw the Windows in the sky video after I read U2byU2 and all those images are in the book. I love the way that video is kinda a trip down memory lane. both videos for that song are good.

Sigur Ros has great videos.

Roaming Writer said...

I don't have the video kind of ipod. I associate mine with doing stuff and listening to something at the same time. I wouldn't get as much done if it was video!

I'll have to check out these songs (some I know) I don't always know where to look for different music. Truth is I'm too lazy to go find it!