Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March Music

After a slow start this year, music has been picking up this month. Got to get some new releases to get from REM and Foxglove Hunt, but here's what I picked up in March:

Muse Haarp When I first heard Muse, I thought what everyone else does: another "Radiohead sounding band", but as the band has grown in popularity, it's clear they are forging their own direction in progressive rock, drawing more influence from Queen mixed with some Jeff Buckley vocal style. Haarp is their second live album coming from their tour of Black Holes and Revelations (which is a great album). Sadly, I've never seen Muse live, which I hear is an experience. Anyway, Muse rocks and their songs sound great live. All their big hits are here.

Tango Alpha Tango Rebel Sons of Cowboys A friend of mine from Imago, Aaron and his brother are the founding members of this band. Aaron is a pretty talented singer and musician that has had several bands dating way back. When he was in a band called the Carolines, he got to open for The Presidents Of the United States. The Carolines had a pretty big local following before they split. Aaron's brother Nate, wanted to stay in music, so he and Aaron got together and started writing songs. The band is rounded out by Nate's wife on bass and a college friend on drums. I got to see them perform last month before they released their ep and was pretty impressed with their song writing. I ended downloading their album off itunes.

Counting Crows Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings I got this album primarily because of my loyalty to Counting Crows. It is their first album in over 6 years. I can't say I missed them terribly, but I did want to hear their new material. The concept of the album was originally suppose to be two eps. Saturday Nights was suppose to be the hard rocking album with Sunday Mornings a more acoustic somber ep. I guess the first half of the album is more up tempo, but not much to make it sound like two eps put together. Over all, it's alright, but not their best outing. I'm more curious on how lead singer Adam Duritz,deals with his clinical depression through song writing.

Moby Last Night Another concept album about going out to the clubs on Saturday night and the dealing with the morning after. Moby took some criticism from his last album Hotel because he lost track of his techno and club roots. Personally, I loved Hotel and admired him for trying something different. I thought Hotel was beautiful with it's adoring love songs. Last Night returns Moby to what his critics wanted--a techno album that sounds like it is from the mid 90's. Personally, I found it a pretty strong album, but noticed Moby doesn't sing at all on this album. Vocals are done with his usual "black gospel voice" lady he brings in on every album.

Minipop A New Hope A recommendation from A Forest last month that I found very impressive. I don't know why it was named after a "Star Wars" movie, but I'm sure the band has their reasons. This album is good old shoegazing the way shoegazing was meant to be--heavy swirling guitars, with a light female ethereal voice. It's like the two were meant to be together like peanut butter and jelly. No complaints here, I love it.

The Brother Kite Waiting for the Time to Be Right Another recommendation from A Forest that I was impressed with. I was playing this album at work and someone asked if it was Band Of Horses. At first I didn't draw that comparison, but then I thought about it and had to agree that The Brother Kite does sound a little like Band Of Horses but with heavier guitar. I still like it, so if you like Band of Horses, check it out.


Portland wawa said...

You've been busy this month. I didn't know a new counting crows was out. But from your review, I'm not too excited.

f o r r e s t said...

Oh yeah, now that you mention a band of horses i can kinda hear int in their voices.

Now can you explain to me how you picked up that Moby album in March when it was released April 1st. I will pick it up later this week when I get a nice coupon from Borders. I am looking forward to this album. I liked Hotel, but I also like Moby back in the early '90's. Some critics don't like him doing what he does best, but I think it'll be good.

I really want to get a Muse album. i just forget.

Achtung BB said...

Actually I did pick it up on April 1st, but had heard it a couple of times while I was writing my blog. I also picked up the new REM that day. It is great-but you will have to wait till next month for my review.

shakedust said...

I don't think that The Presidents of the United States are not one of the bands that you typically listen to. Is Tango Alpha Tango like them?

Roaming Writer said...

I'm so lost in the music world. I'm several albums behind on Mobi but I liked that one.

Achtung BB said...

No Dust, Tango Alpha Tango isn't anything like the Presidents. I'm not a Presidents fan, still they are a pretty popular band to open for.