Tuesday, February 05, 2008

U2 3D

Over the weekend, I finally had my opportunity to go see U2 3D. It was as I predicted--totally mind blowing. Coming from U2, I would expect anything less. They haven't let me down in over 20 years that I've been a fan. This was about 80 mins of pure 3-D joy with U2 on stage during their Vertigo Tour. By the time I bought a IMAX ticket, popcorn and a drink, I realized that I spent half as much if I went to a real U2 concert. In a way, this was about as close as you could get to seeing U2. At times I had to ask my friend Aaron "Shouldn't we be standing?" I also caught myself almost clapping. That's how real it felt.
The movie really did U2 some justice. It was clear that U2 was using this movie of spreading their agenda for tolerance and coexistance. The art work flashing on the screens and Bono's performance were consistently a plea for nonviolence and peace. With the exception of a few songs, U2 played most of their policitally charged anthems including my personal favorites "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and a heart felt verison of "Pride"(Bono actually fixed the lyrics to be historical accurate of the time MLK was shot). Anyway, the movie is nothing but uplifting and like all U2 shows, you leave with a sense of hope. I really loved the animation being played during "Yaweh" at the end of the film. U2 3-D accomplished it's mission if it set out to capture U2's message.
Unfortuately, hundreds of teenage girls got a totally different message in the next door theather that was playing "Hannah Montana in 3-D " to sold out crowds. That's OK, I didn't want them in my theather anyway.


f o r r e s t said...

totally mindblowing!

There was one moment during Sunday Bloody Sunday where I think Bono is singing "wipe those tears away" and the performance gets eerily intimate. The big stadium sound disappears and if feels like U2 is in your living room and bono comes right up to your face and reaches out his hands and you almost look away because you feel embarrased for this direct eye contact and behind you, you can feel the presence Edge as he sings into your ear "Sunday bloody Sunday."

That was a goosebump moment and very cool.

shakedust said...

Yeah, I would probably prefer U2 to Hannah Montana too. :)

Portland wawa said...

Someday your daughter may be one of those Hannah Montana fans so be careful. I hope to see this soon, maybe you can go again and take me, when your mom is around.