Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bono Fatigue: A Place for Bono Vox Detox

I was going to blog about the incredible Editors concert I went to last night, but I thought this would be more funny.
I found this link on and thought it was pretty funny. I'm not sure if I have ever suffered from this. I've been a loyal fan for over 20 years and don't feel I need a detox. Maybe I'm just blind to the symptoms. // A Place for Bono Vox Detox

From site host Andrew BillingsThis site is for U2 fans suffering from Bono Fatigue as a result of an over-consumption of U2 music, Bono interviews, Africa-related relief ideas etc. (BF can manifest in many ways. If you don't have it, you'll know it when you get it.) Since people at this site are recovering from BF, and are hoping to work through it and re-introduce U2 back to their lives, please do not post band photos, art or quotes unless absolutely necessary to your comment. Give others a chance to walk through this at their own pace. Thanks! Heal and enjoy.
Here's some of the postings:

First, thanks to Andrew for creating this safe haven! My Bono Fatigue started shortly after "Atomic Bomb" was released. I listened to the enhanced CD for 302 hours straight, even while sleeping. It was a total binge and I knew better. I also read that book of interviews with Bono, "Conversations," about six times.During that same time I got "hooked" on the Africa cause really bad. I made myself feel sick about AIDS and poverty, to the point where I couldn't think about anything else. I OD'ed pretty bad and got the biggest case of BF. I couldn't even hear Bono's voice without feeling totally self-righteous and prophetic. I thought I was way hipper than all my non-U2 loving Christian friends. I even quit going to church and listened to U2 music on Sunday mornings as my "church."I finally realized I had a problem, so I went cold turkey for 5 months, then weaned back onto their stuff. I have earned my family and friends back, and now I moderate my U2 intake. BF can be beat, people!

I guess I'm in the middle of some bad BF. I dreamed last night that Bono, Bono's wife, Bob Geldof and the Edge were hiding around every corner and jumping out to frighten me and play "I'm gonna getcha" while pinching and tickling me. It was awful to have my favorite band in a nightmare! When I ran away from them I felt guilty, like I wasn't doing the "right thing."The weird thing is, I don't even know who Bob Geldof is. It must have come into my head subliminally. Is he the Live Aid guy? Or Band-Aid? Even typing the word "Aid" is bringing on symptoms. Agh!

I relapsed last night and listened to the first three songs of Achtung. By the time The Fly rolled around I was back to thinking Bono was Elijah. It's amazing how long it takes to get over distorted thoughts. I can't wait 'til my detox is done and I get back to regular listening. I miss U2, but I can't have them right now!


shakedust said...

Perhaps you should change your Blogger name for the detox to work. :)

Portland wawa said...

Now clarify something, all of those comments were from the website, not your comments. You are not detoxing yourself, right?

Achtung BB said...

I would never detox myself from Bono! I could never get enough. However, I'm not like most people.

f o r r e s t said...

funny! I remember checking out that site some time ago. Probably from Lark news.

I want to hear about your Editors concert.