Sunday, July 01, 2007

June's music

As always, I like to reflect on the music that I picked up this last month. A couple of these albums I picked up in KC, so when I go back and hear them I remember my fond memories of visiting my old hometown.

Blonde Redhead 23 After I read A Forest's review of this album, I decided to check it out. I was pretty impressed. It had a lot of the "wall of sound" and "ethereal vocals" that I dig in music. I haven't heard anything else from this band's catalog, but this album is beautiful. Not very polished, but real "indie" sounding.

The Winter Sounds Porcelain Empire
I first heard this group on the radio in Portland and thought they would be a little more popular by now. I found their album in my favorite record store in KC -Need More Discs. The owner of the store recognized me and asked how I liked Portland (I was one of his most loyal customers). I was planning on driving up to Iowa and wanted some new music for the drive. I found the album pretty heavy sounding in the vain of The Killers. It's a mix of deft, rhythmic indie rock. Hopefully their fan base will grow to more than me.

Vega 4 You and Others Probably my favorite new pick, Vega 4 reminds me of Snow Patrol. This is probably because they have the same producer--Jacknife Lee- who also produced the last U2 masterpiece. "Life Is Beautiful" is about as appealing as Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars." I also picked up this disc at Need More Discs. I was pretty stoked after picking up two great discs in one visit. When I came back to Portland, I found out they were playing in the area soon but unfortunately cancelled.

Bloc Party A Weekend In the City
A Forest and I went to go see this band in KC on one of the last nights I was in town. Neither of us really knew the band's material but I think we both had a hankering to see some live music. By the time they played their latest single "I Still Remember" they were beginning to win me over. Another great album produced by Jacknife Lee who has a knack for polishing up a band's sound and bringing guitars to the forefront.

On a Friday Union Street Demos
Before becoming the second most critically acclaimed band on earth (U2 being the first), Radiohead were known as On a Friday. Their demos have been floating around the web for a while, and I was able download them (along with a few extremely rare Radiohead tracks). This was before they did "Creep" but you can tell this band was destined for greatness. Most of these tracks are better than what you find on Radiohead's debut Pablo Honey, but along the same college rock sound. I can't believe that they would just throw these songs away, but apparently it just wasn't meant to be.


f o r r e s t said...

BB gave me his copies of Vega4 and the Wintersounds to me to listen to. I really didn't have time to listen, but I downloaded them and listened later.

Both are very good. The guy in Wintersounds has a very good voice and Vega4's music is pretty good.

BB - so do you like that Bloc party disc? Are you a fan now?

Achtung BB said...

I liked the Bloc Party disc. I would see them again if they were in town.

shakedust said...

I actually skipped over this post earlier because I remembered the Blonde Redhead 23 album cover from Forrest's site and thought that I had already commented here.

Would you classify all these albums a power pop or dream pop? :)

f o r r e s t said...

None of them fit the power pop category.

Blonde Redhead can be classified as dream pop.

Roaming Writer said...

Thanks to you guys the young 'uns from Portland don't think we're totally old. We recognize bands and like songs that cool people like. Dar of course is better at it then me.

We played Forrest's compilation in the car and got big points.

Portland wawa said...

So which one have you been playing in the car lately?