Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kickball at Imago

Today was the annual Imago Dei kickball tournament. All the home communities came out to have a little fun and competition. Most of the teams try to go with a theme to make things more interesting. I played on the "Woodstock Superfriends"(Woodstock is the area the home community is in). Basically, it was a last minute idea to have everyone come out in capes and just look silly. Not being the most custom creative person, I tied a pink baby bed sheet around my neck (A little tribute to the Flaming Lips). Being a little outnumbered, we recruited Wah-Wah and a few other people on our team.
We lost our first game but fortunately it was double elimination and we came back and won our second game. By the time we played our third game, the heat was starting to get to everybody(especially since we all had capes on). Imago provided snow cones which were pretty satisfying. We went on to win our third game which gave us hope we could win the tournament. However, by the fourth game, we were spent and lost. We did go on to win the coveted Imago Dei robe for best customs.
Here's some pictures of the day's events

Here is our team photo before we played. Everyone was impressed with Monty's fetching abilities and considered making him a player.

We had a few extra masks that Nibbles wanted to wear to get in the spirit of things.

I think this is me before my first kick. Sadly, I slipped right after I kicked and ate dirt. Got a banged up elbow too, but like any devoted kickball player, I played on.

That's Wah-Wah on first base. She was pretty good and got on base a couple of times. She played outfield with Nibbles by her a couple of times. Unfortunately she had to leave early since the kids were getting pretty hot.

This is our last team picture after our games. We were all pretty tired and made it a lot further than anyone expected. Good times.


f o r r e s t said...

Good times, indeed! Looks like you are having a good time Mr. ( ) man.

Portland wawa said...

The kids loved when dada got on base!!

shakedust said...

Eating dirt after getting burned sounds kind of rough. :)

I wonder, did WaWa leave between the third and fourth games? Maybe she was your secret weapon and you just didn't realize it.

T said...

Sounds like everyone had a good time, I use to love kick ball! N really enjoys it too!

Dash said...

cool cape! If only you and Wawa had wonder-twin powers. Then you could have turned into an eagle and a bucket of cold water to dump over the coach after you won a game!

(actually woogy would have had to provide the bucket like gleek always did).

Then again - that would make wawa your sister ... so maybe not.

GoldenSunrise said...

Awesome! Sounds like a fun time.

Roaming Writer said...

Too funny. At least you won for costumes!