Tuesday, May 08, 2007

April's music

April wasn't a great month for new music. My hopes now are for May with new releases from Bjork and Travis. Worked picked up pace a lot, so I didn't have a lot of music shopping time, but I did find a couple of goodies.

Rosie Thomas These Friends Of Mine--I fell in love with Rosie's music this month and it started with this album. Rosie is a singer/songwriter from Seattle who's music really hits the heart. She explores such themes as love, friendship, God and family. Listen to any of her tunes and you cannot deny that she can sing. Her earlier work is a pretty easy listen despite that she is on a indie label. That's why I really dig this album, it's less accessible and a little more daring. This album has a pretty relaxed feel with less production. It was recorded in various living rooms, but that doesn't demise the quality. Rosie is joined by Dension Witmer, Dave Bazan (Pedro the Lion) and Sufjan Stevens so the their is plenty of talent to draw from. Listen to "Kite Song" and you'll find that it is hard to keep your eyes dry.

Mew Frengers--I wrote about this group last month when I saw them live. This is Mew's first album and I'd have to say that it is just as good as their latest And the Glass Handed Kites. The lead singer's voice reminds me of the guy from Sigur Ros only it's in English. "Snow Brigade" remains my favorite Mew song. It's catchy anthem that sadly never got any air play.


shakedust said...

I think that most of what you like doesn't get air play. That's part of why to like it, though, isn't it?

Portland wawa said...

Rosie Thomas, huh? I hadn't heard you mention her yet. This is boring to me, though.

f o r r e s t said...

I love that rosie disc. Although, David Bazan does not appear on that record. She went to new york to visit with Suf and Denison and recorded it ther.

Sorry to be the geek.