Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend in the high desert

This weekend I decided we needed a little get away before I become "on call" at work for the upcoming week. The weather was suppose to be awesome so we decided to head out to the "high desert" east of the cascades. I didn't know Oregon had deserts, but apparently it does. It's not a desert with cactuses and sand, but it was drier than Portland. We ended up driving out to Bend Oregon. This was our first stop at White River Falls. I really love waterfalls and insisted on seeing this. It was pretty far out into the middle of nowhere.

This was about as close as you could get to the falls without swimming. I ran into these guys that said they had hiked a couple miles into the canyon and camped. I thought that was pretty "Wild at Heart."

Here is Nibbles at the bottom of White River falls. Monty has turned into a nice travel campion ever since I drove with him out to Oregon. He likes the hikes, and I know if a savage grizzly bear ever attacks Monty will be right there defending me while I flee in terror.

This is Cove Palisades State Park were we stopped for a picnic. Lots of people swimming, fishing, and boating. Unfortuately we didn't want to take the time for a dip believing that the hotel pool was going to be awesome. We were sorely mistaken.

This is the Peter Skene Ogden Bridge. At the view point, you get a little veritgo looking down into the canyon. There is a big sign posted that dogs are not allowed at the view point. Apparently a lot of dogs have been lost to the canyon. Monty wouldn't even look into the canyon.

This is Detroit Lake up in the Cascades. I thought it was beautiful. Someone at work told me that I would love the drive from Bend to Portland, and they were right.

Here's the fam on a dock on Detroit Lake. Wish we had a boat.

After driving through the Cascades, Wah-Wah really wanted to stop at Silver Falls (which was out of the way). We had seen the southern falls but not the northern ones. Since I really dig waterfalls, I thought it was worth the extra miles.

This is the northern most falls of Silver Falls. It was a pretty easy hike back to it. Monty actually ventured into the water a little.


Portland wawa said...

The pictures turned out nice, better in person, but nice.

GoldenSunrise said...

It's nice to see pictures of the fam. The kids are getting tall. Beautiful scenery!

T said...

Awesome picture! I love all the falls. That would be such a great trip! Everyone looks happy, good to see the family! :)

T said...
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shakedust said...

Yeah, the falls and the lakes are all cool. That sounds like a really cool weekend. We need to plan something like that some weekend.

Kim said...

Miss you all. Wish I was there