Monday, April 16, 2007

Broom Ball

This weekend I got to have my first experience playing Broom Ball with my Imago Dei home community. Ironically, I'm told that Broom Ball is a game that came from the Midwest but I never heard of it in the 15 years that I lived in the there. Broom Ball is played on ice, but you don't wear ice skates. This is a pretty good thing since I can't skate worth beans. Everything else is sort of like hockey accept you use a ball instead of a puck and broom sticks instead of hockey sticks. As the game went on, more balls were added which keep everyone pretty busy.
We played at the Lloyd Center which is a mall with an indoor ice rink. Our opponents were the Mt.Tabor home group (which used to be part of the group but split off). All together I'd say there were over 30 people out on the ice. I didn't find the ice too difficult to walk on and I only took a few spills. With that many people and 5 balls rolling over the place, I don't think anyone kept score. I made at least one shot, but no one noticed.
Over all, I had a good time but came to realize how out of shape I am. About an hour into it, I was pretty tired and sore. I thought all those weekends of working out at the gym and bike riding would help, but apparently I'm still pretty out of shape (or I'm just getting too old).


shakedust said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I usually prefer it when someone keeps score, though.

So, you're out of shape even though you exercise? That doesn't bode well for me since I haven't exercised yet.

Portland wawa said...

Hey, It's me, your wawa. I know you had fun and I know you are not that out of shape. THis is pretty cool website. I may have to read about your escapades more often.

T said...

Sounds like fun. My kids played broom ball in the basement the other day. They did not seem to know that others play it in an organized fashion! They just grabbed the brooms and the nerf basket ball and said "we can play hockey--kind of--now!" :)

GoldenSunrise said...

It's the ice skates. They are too heavy to move in. Or you could be just getting old. : )

Roaming Writer said...

It's just a different sport than the ones you're used to. Or maybe the ice was on an incline, ha! Sounds like a blast. I like that type of exercise much better than what I do - walking. I had a (very young) woman here say, why would you walk two miles?!!!
Uh, duh, it's called exercise.