Monday, May 14, 2007

Coming Home

After six months in this delightful green state (with beautiful weather), we are coming back to the mid west in June to enjoy the good old Kansas City summer (at least a week of it anyway). Wah-Wah has been wanting to get back to see her sisters again and decided it would be a good time to fly while Nibbles was still underage. Airline prices appear to be going up now to over $300 a ticket. They might go back down, but they might not, so I decided why not?
Our plans for what we are doing over June 6th through June 12th aren't set in stone yet. A good friend in Cedar Falls wants to meet up in Des Moines, so that might be a possibility. Wah-Wah is wanting to have a birthday party for Woogy and Nibbles with all the cousins from Randoul at Chuck E Cheese or Power Play. I know I wouldn't mind stopping by Homer's for Thursday night coffee (if that is still going on).
Lately I've also been missing KC food. The other day I went out to lunch at "Burgerville"(it's a local burger chain that serves only Oregon organic hamburgers). It's good but it is no "Backyard Burger." In fact, the six months I've been here I can't say I've found anything that match's "Oklahoma Joe's" or even "Planet Sub". BBQ isn't very big out here. Most people will tell you it isn't healthy and to have some humus instead. We do have our share of all the regular restaurants like McD's, Wendy's, etc., but they are outnumbered by organic healthy restaurants. I haven't found any dives in a gas station that will serve you a "Z-man" with more fries than you can eat. I haven't even found a pizza that could match "Papa Keno's" Sicilian pizza.
Most of the restaurants around here are ethnic. I do like the variety and trying new things, but I have only found one good restaurant that I would go back to. Yesterday, we took Wah-Wah out to a Cuban restaurant which I loved. I got some sort of turkey and strawberry sandwich with fried bananas. It was delicious but it was no "Dagwood's Dream" (at Planet Sub).
As much as I find myself settling in, I miss the KC food. Hopefully I can pick up a taste in a few weeks.


Portland wawa said...

I wouldn't think of skipping a trip to Oklahoma Joe's. But I don't miss planet sub since I can't eat bread anymore.

T said...

We were just talking Sunday on our way home from BBQ that we will miss the KC BBQ. :( N told one of her friends that she will miss friends and BBQ places! :) I don't know how that made her friend feel?! We'll have to hit OKJoe's before dash leaves. I think he'll be gone before you get back. It would be cool to get to see you guys, sounds like your "not so many plans" are starting to add up! :)

shakedust said...

Sounds like you're going to have a lot of eating to do when you get out here. I would miss that a lot if I left as well.

We've had a hiatus on Homer's nights because I had a Thursday night class, but I think we're starting them up again.

Let us know when you find out what your schedule looks like.