Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Taking one day at a time

I'm still here and haven't moved yet, but it looks like a good possibility that we may be going to Portland. Last week, I took Woogy and flew out to Portland for some interviews. I ended up staying with my brother (who just moved there the last week) and had my parents drove me around.
My first interview was with Mid Valley Rehab. This is a organization based out about an hour outside Portland. I thought it was a pretty unique company. They find work for MR adults. I interviewed with a bunch of the supervisors and afterwards they took me out to lunch and ice cream (they run a ice cream parlor),. The position was manager of an industrial plant that employed MR adults. Basically, the clients make "widget's" and I would be in charge of the operation. They gave me a tour of one of their facilities to see what they did. We then ran out of time, and I was invited back the next day to see the operation that I would be in charge of and meet with the director.
After that interview, I drove across Portland to Columbia Mental Health. I got caught in traffic and was 15 mins late (I called them to explain the situation. I hope they were forgiving). I met with the supervisor that I was keeping in contact with and was interviewed for a QA position. I thought the interview went well, but I got no tour or anything.
Wah-Wah flew into town the next day and did her interview with Legacy while I met with the director from Mid Valley. I tried everything to sound interested in the job, but he seemed a little skeptical about my lack of business experience. I met with one of the supervisors again, and he drove me out to the site that I would be working in. He seemed like a nice guy and told me all about Oregon.
Following that interview, I drove to downtown Portland and interviewed at trillium Services. Basically this is a position working with foster kids. I pretty much coasted through that interview. I liked the location of trillium, but the pay didn't sound very good.
After all that, I met with Wah-Wah to hear how her interview went. She thought hers went well, but the director seemed skeptical too, however the hiring guy all but told her she got the job.
I am skeptical too about this job Wah-Wah will get. The pay is alright, but she would have to take a train to get to work. Last week we learned just how bad Portland traffic is. Their freeway system is awful, and to get to downtown, you pretty much have to take the train.
We flew back on Sunday, with still no clear idea if we are moving or not. I felt a lot of pressure from my dad this weekend to move. I didn't appreciate it a whole lot and was starting to get a little pissed.
Since we've been back, my boss told me that trillium called her for a reference check, but no one else. I'd say out of the 3 interviews I did, this is the one I'm least excited about. Not because of the work, but it would be a pay cut. They told me during the interview, they take experience into account, but I doubt if they will come close to what I need. The guy who interviewed Wah-Wah already emailed her and said that he would be checking her references too. As of now, no offers, but I think that is going to change.
Wah-Wah believes that the Lord wants us in Oregon. Wah-Wah says she sees signs in her life everywhere. She says that her current boss is unhappy with her. We also have people interested in buying our house. Finally, our babysitter for 4 years announced today that she was returning to work part time. She says that she can watch the kids most of the day, but needs to leave at around 4. If we stay, we will probably need a new babysitter (I'm not looking forward to Nibbles going to a new babysitter). With all the uncertainty in my life, I'm just taking it one day at a time


shakedust said...

That's a lot in one post. Four interviews in just a few days time? I didn't even get that when I was physically in the same area as the jobs.

T said...

That's what I was thinking, that's a lot of interviews! Taking it one day at a time is the only way to handle this kind of change.

forrest said...

That would be so much fun to ride the train to work. I have seriously considered taking the JO.

windarkwingod said...

Sounds like things are happening in a major way!