Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've always loved irony. I think it has a way of making things funny that would other wise be sad. I had a ironic experience at work the other day. Most of the kids that I work with are good kids (just have messed up parents). The other day, I was talking with a client's mom who was feeling pretty down and was complaining that her son is a pretty awful kid (because he fights his siblings, argues a lot, etc). I told her that that wasn't the case and in fact, her son was a very likeable kid. I started going on about all the good things that I saw in her son (such as he has never been in trouble with the law).
At that very moment, I noticed a few squad cars parking outside her house. I told the mom that it was probably nothing, but I soon noticed that the police were talking with her son. He had been busted for breaking neighborhood windows. Even worse, the cops found him with some switchblades.
I felt like I had to eat all those nice things I had said about my client. I still believe that deep down, this is a kid who has potential, but I just found it pretty ironic that as I was telling this parent how great her son is, he is outside breaking windows.


shakedust said...

Well, at least he isn't a felon yet. Did you tell his mom that? :)

I wonder if parents don't sometimes encourage kids down the wrong path with their attitudes. If my mom was always making a fuss about how I was a bad kid, I might eventually give up and go off the deep end. If I am already a bad kid why expend the energy doing good.

forrest said...

that's great. I would be laughing all the way home.

GoldenSunrise said...

The perfect timing is always ironic.

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