Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Found focus

After giving up all hope, the police found our stolen Ford Focus. Believe it or not, they found it in Wyandotte County (image that!). Sadly, I don't think it will ever be the same. I don't remember the three bullet holes in the driver side door and I'm pretty sure I had a rear window. Other things that seemed out of place are the cartons of cigarettes and cans of beer, not to mention the new odor of urine that wasn't there before.
Yes, someone had a good time in my car judging by the condom wrappers on the floor. But the lowest thing was they took Wah-Wah's Barbara Striensand X-mas album (which was in the glove comparment). What kind of animal does that? I mean it is bad enough they took the stroller (in the trunk), but Barbara?
The focus was towed to a body shop, and I'm pretty sure they will total it out. Now we just wait and see what the insurance company will give us on it. If it breaks $1000, I'll be surprised. We are deciding if we want to get a mini van or a more practical fuel efficient car. Honestly, I never saw myself in a mini van, but then again, I never thought anyone would steal Barbara's X-mas album.


shakedust said...

Yeah, that is a shock that they stole Babs' album. There are some real monsters out there.

clearing said...

Well Dust, It looks like our little joyride thru the Dot was found out. But what a night that was! I told you to discard the beer and cigs.

clearing said...

By the way Dust, how are you enjoying that Bab's album?

Sunset said...

I hit the road out of nowhere
I had to jump in my car
And be a rider in a love game
Following the stars
Don't need no book of wisdom
I get no money talk at all
She says: Hello, you fool, I love you
Come on join the joyride
Join the joyride -Roxette, Joyride

I borrowed the Bab's album. It's groovy. : )

shakedust said...

It was obviously taken as a gift. :)

herder said...

maybe the bulletholes, et al, was a message from "hugbuddy"...wants to "bus' a cap upside yo' head."