Sunday, January 15, 2006

dad's retirement

Last Thursday, I drove up to Des Moines for my dad's retirement (I was in my rental which is a sweet ride. Still no word on the Focus yet). My dad is 63 but has apparently done well enough that he has enough to retire. When I first arrived at the Wells Fargo headquaters, all the staff was down in the cafeiteria saying good bye. I was pretty impressed with what people said about my dad. They called him a manager who took the time to walk the floor talking to everyone. I was surprised to hear that since he doesn't acknowledge me when I come home. Nor does he (or ever) seemed that interested in what is going on in my life.
After the long party, we went to a nice dinner at a country club with the executive board of Wells Fargo who continued the stories of my father which I never heard. My favorite was the one of him down in New Orleans foam dancing in a club with a few vice presidents. I had a pretty hard time believing this since he usually goes to bed around 9. My dad is obviously a different person at work. The party that I attended was apparently just one of 9 retirement parties he has. Right now he is in Oregon attending more parties. He plans to move there in few months now and spend some time making jewelary and wood carving. I wonder if he'll do more foam dancing.


shakedust said...

Many men feel more comfortable in the office than in the home. They understand their strengths and position in the office, but the home is much more foreign. I wonder if this accounts for the differences your dad had between the two places.

GoldenSunrise said...

What is foam dancing? I must be out of the loop. I don't like dancing of any kind though.

Anonymous said...

My dad has been dead for some years, but I cherish hearing whatever tidbits of his life I can about him. It fills in the picture and makes him more real. Hope your dad's "second life" does the same for you.