Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oaks Park

My birthday turned out to be a beautiful day in Portland. To celebrate my birthday, we took the family to Portland's only amusement park--Oaks Park, because nothing helps you remember your age better than going to an amusement park.
Anyway, Oaks Park is no Disney World or Worlds Of Fun for that matter. It is however a great deal. For $11 to $14 dollars you get a bracelet to unlimited rides. No admission price, no parking price, and you can bring whatever food you want. For under $50, we entertained a family of 4 for the afternoon.

Here's Woogy on the kiddie coaster there. It was a pretty bumpy kiddie coaster and it scared the heck out of Nibbles. Woogy, however seemed to really enjoy it and must have rode in 6 times. I was pretty impressed with some of the rides he decided to go on. Who knows, when he's older maybe he will be one of those roller coaster enthusiast who travels the country for the ultimate thrill.

Nibbles doesn't like speed or bumps, but apparently doesn't mind altitude. Here's her and Wah-Wah getting on the Ferris wheel.

Here's Woogy and Nibbles in one of those kiddie rides. I would have gone with them, but I would need the "jaws of life" to get back out.

Here's Nibbles on the Merry Go Round.

Here's Wah-Wah in the Rock-o-plane. This is like a Ferris wheel only the cage you are in spins around. Much to my surprise, the kids went on this with us. It kind of freaked them out. I should have trusted my gut and not allowed them to go.


shakedust said...

Not a bad birthday celebration. You definitely can't complain about those prices.

I am a little surprised that there aren't other amusement parks out there. I wonder if it is too expensive to build one in or around the city.

Portland wawa said...

Portland probably won't allow a bigger park to be built. They severely restrict commercial development. Plus, we are surrounded by mountains so Portland can't "grow" like cities in the midwest can.

It was a great day. I think BB had a good birthday.

GoldenSunrise said...

Happy Birthday! Good deal on the amusement park.

T said...

Cool! Looks like fun and can't beat those prices! I don't even think we could do a county fair that cheap! :)

f o r r e s t said...

Happy birthday to you!

Dash said...

Happy B-Day BB!

Roaming Writer said...

Happy belated - glad you got to spend some fam time.