Monday, July 14, 2008

McKinley Cup 08

" Imago Dei Community has a long and deep-seated history with kickball. We play to create unity and have fun, not to battle out grievances. Kickball is a complex game consisting of two teams, bases, and a big red ball. There is to be no bounces, bunts, tantrums, or hollering at the opposing team. This is a civilized game."
That was taken from the Imago Dei website signally the start of Imago's annual kickball tournament that was held last Saturday. This year, my Weds night home group got together and we decided to go this year as Team Mario (If you have never played "Super Mario" on the old Nintendo, you may not know who "Mario" is). Everyone (including yours truly) came dressed in overalls, with red hats and mustaches. We even made props such as mushrooms, stars, coins, and bricks. To top it off, someone downloaded the old Mario music and put it on repeated play. Sadly, I didn't have the camera this year (Wah-Wah was taking pictures on her hike), but I hope someone will send some that I could post.
I thought we all looked pretty good, and we won best custom beating out "The Scots" (they were dressed like Braveheart) and the "Spartans" (got their inspiration from "300"). This was our second year in a row of winning best custom. The prize is a pink bath robe with plastic flowers on it.
Unfortunately, we didn't when the prized McKinley Cup(which is pictured above on our pastor's head). We did make it pretty far by winning 4 out of 6 games. Why Imago chooses to play the annual tournament in the middle of July on a field with no shade is perplexing. After playing 6 games of kickball, by the afternoon, you are pretty tired and don't really care about winning. It is all pretty fun though and I look forward to playing again next year.


shakedust said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I love playing in tournaments, pretty much no matter what the game is.

The Mario idea is pretty cool. Next year, maby you could try a Sonic the Hedgehog team.

GoldenSunrise said...

I'm impressed-very creative. Sounds like fun. Nibbles (Pinky) might like the pink bath robe.

Portland wawa said...

I am glad you had fun and enjoyed the tournament, despite the heat. And thanks for taking Woogy and for letting me take the camera. I offered to let you take it.

Roaming Writer said...

Fun and creative idea that wouldn't have been uncomfortable to exist in all day!