Sunday, September 02, 2007

August's music

Here on the CDs I got this month. I also downloaded my first video from Itunes. U2's Sweetest Thing is my first video to watch on my ipod. Personally, I think it's U2's best video with a cameo from Bono's wife as he tries to apologize to her (for what, is anyone's guess). It's a humorous video.
Over the Rhine Trumpet Child wow this is a great album. The album covers a lot of genres but weights heavy in jazz and Cabernet. The songs are more playful and fun and even takes some political jab with If a Song Could be President. This is a great album to relax and lounge around with. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I listened to it over and over on the band's web site and soon came to the realization that this is genius. I also love reading the message that song writer Linford Detwiler always writes in the CD. He always gives you an idea of where he and Karen (his wife and singer) get their inspirations from and what was going on in their lives. Over the Rhine will be in Portland this month so Wah-Wah and I are planning on going. Can't wait.

Eisley Combinations I heard Eisley described once as fairy tale rock. The DuPree sisters do harmonize beautifully, almost sounding the way you think a band of pixies would sound. Their new album is more ambitious than their last as the band continues to evolve sounding more darker and even a little angst ridden.

Innocence Mission Small Planes Lately I've been getting into a lot of the quieter acoustic stuff such as Innocence Mission, Rosie Thomas, and Over the Rhine. Maybe I'm just getting older. I've also been fascinated with those husband and wife bands (such as Innocence Mission and Over the Rhine). I think there is something cool about two people who love each other and become one creative force. Often the creative process in music splits people apart, but these bands remain true to them selves and the music. Small Planes is not a proper Innocence Mission album. Apparently it is made up of left over material, which is a little strange seeing how the quality of songs here surpasses some (not all) of their proper albums. I find it to be a little more introspective than other albums but it flows with the same gentle and pure sound you would expect from the Innocence Mission.
Keane Little Broken Words Ok, this is not a official album. It's a B-side album floating out on the Internet. Keane is like other great British bands and release great B-sides that are as good, if not better than their albums. This makes crazy music fans like myself, look high and low for their unreleased material. The songs from this album are taken before and during the release of their first album Hopes and Fears. There are a few fun covers such as the 70's "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" and Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". If you like Keane's albums, this is like an extra slice of cake.
Stars In Our Bedroom After the War Stars label decided to release the new album months before store release to prevent illegally downloads from getting out. I think I like this one more than their previous album Set Yourself On Fire. It's that good! It's got a lot of the vocal arrangement swapping between male and female that see a lot of in Stars.


Portland wawa said...

You should download over the rhine to my ipod. I need to hear before the concert.

shakedust said...

I'll have to catch that video of Bono some time. It will probably make the rounds to YouTube shortly enough.

f o r r e s t said...

I think U2's video is the first time I saw Bono's wife. I was curious to see what she looked like, since she has alway been out of the spotlight.

An Over the Rhine show is always magical. I have seen them many times and they are one of my favorite live bands. I hope you enjoy it. Have you signed up on the announcement list email on the I love linford's writing and you'll get emails from him with great stories and band news.

Eisley - Great record. I am amazed at their improvement. Probably in my top 10 of 2007.

The innocence mission's small planes is another great album. It is amazing how their leftover songs are better than other peoples albums. I am with you on the quiet acoustic music. Try the weepies and Denison Witmer.

I don't have the Keane b-sides. How did you obtain it?

I am looking forward to the new Star's album when it is released on CD.

dwhitey said...

i have to laugh. I received a comment on my site from you a long time ago and for some reason I was not receiving updates so that I could release the posts. I just updated it. Thank you for your nice comments about paintings. blessings. Darin