Friday, June 15, 2007

Pictures from KC

Here's some pictures of our KC trip.

The Z man sandwich at Oklahoma Joe's. Pure heart clogging heaven!

Here we are outside Oklahoma Joe's. Definitely the highlight of the trip.

Here's Nibbles at Zonker's enjoying her birthday cake.

Woogy and his cousins on the Python at Zonkers.

Nibbles is on her first horse back ride with her cousin.

The old coffee group.

A Forrest and Goose at Zonker's.

Woogy and his favorite cousin.
Don't ask how, but I managed get in there. I needed the jaws of life to get out however.
Woogy blowing out the candles while Nibbles was getting upset at all the singing.

Woogy after eating his cake.

Bloc Party at the Uptown. My only KC concert this year.


Portland wawa said...

You stay up until midnight blogging?

shakedust said...

I'll admit, the Z-man does look good.

I hope you enjoyed KC more than Denver. :)

T said...

Great pics. What's wrong with staying up til midnight to blog?! :)

Dash said...

Oh Mi Ga ... I want that sandwich!!!!!!

It really apreciate you comming into town for my last night at Homers. :-)

FYI, the dorky looking Homers pose is supposed to match one of BBs plethora of U2 t-shirts. Not that I don't look dorky on my own usually ... I just wanted to make sure everyone understood with Forrest and Dust suddenly became picture monkeys.

f o r r e s t said...

Yum! the Z-man...I went to Okie Joe's for father's day and had a Z-man myself.

Roaming Writer said...

I really enjoyed the description of KC activities and pictures. Makes me homesick. Hard to believe there's not much left of the classic Thursday nights!