Thursday, March 29, 2007

video games

I don't usually discuss video games that much and I don't believe I have ever blogged on them before, however "Lego Star Wars I & II" are worth a comment or two. I have always had video games in my house but seldom owned more than about 3 or 4 at a time. I have never wanted to be a video game junky who spends hours playing and ignoring his kids. Sometimes I would sneak in a game or two if Woogy was preoccupied with something. About six months ago, he decided he wanted to play with me. I thought it would be cool if we could have a activity we could do together besides play Thomas the Train, and it isn't like I was going to introduce him to "Grand Theft Auto" (which I don't own or will ever own).

Since Woogy likes "Star Wars" as much as I do, I introduced him to "Lego Star Wars". I have to admit that I have played a lot of Star Wars video games, but "Lego Star Wars" is the best of them all. In short, you play though the movies as Lego Star Wars figures. As far as difficulty goes, it's pretty easy and Woogy hasn't had a lot of problems completing the levels. These games however actually have a educational value to them such as problem solving, sequencing, and cooperation. Every level has several puzzles the player has to complete first and figure out what order some things need to be arranged in for the player to move on to the next level. The player must switch characters often since each character has different abilities in helping to complete the puzzle.
The creators also added some humor that any Star Wars fan will appreciate. You've got Storm Troopers relaxing drinking coffee while the Death Star goes unfinished, Darth Vader showing Luke a picture of him and Padme before he was born. There is even Darth Vader spinning out of control in his Tie Fighter not wearing a seat belt.
I think most importantly how ever it has given Woogy and I something to do together when it is rainy outside (like it is nearly everyday). I've had to put limits on it, because Woogy would spend hours playing it if he could. I've also use it as a reward he can earn by doing things for himself like getting dressed and brushing his teeth. It seems to be working too well. Nibbles is wanting to join in now.


windarkwingod said...

I am currently playing Lego StarWars late at night when I need to unwind. I have introduced another missionary to it. This missionary has introduced his wife to the game - she helps him through the tough bits. That game rocks, and it is cool because you can play it at the age of three... or 43.... (dude - why do you hate Rush?)

Achtung BB said...

I've never cared for classic rock and didn't grow up in that era. I hate the extended guitar solos where you forget what they are even playing. Rush doesn't influence any of the music I have ever liked. But to each his own. How come you have posted since Dec of last year?

shakedust said...

I haven't played this one, but it looks fun. I'd have never thought to combine Star Wars and Legos into a video game.

T said...

Sounds like a cool game. It's fun playing games like that where you are solving problems with the kids and hearing them as they realize or rationalize the solution out!

Roaming Writer said...

Dar disappears for hours and hours into this game and I hear the tunes of the original Star Wars drifting down the stairs and know I won't be seeing him for awhile.