Monday, December 18, 2006

X mas parties

This weekend Wah-Wah and I went to both our X-mas parties from work. I noted quit a difference in the parties and believe it is because of the differences between our professions.
The X-mas party my work had was at a coworker's modest size home. My coworker's husband did a lot of the cooking and everyone brought something. There was a lot of beer for everyone as well. This was suppose to be a family friendly party so there were other kids there besides mine. One of my coworkers bought gifts for all the kids.
I spent most of the evening talking to my coworker's husband about music. Turns out he likes a lot of the same stuff I do. I also talked to another coworker about her stories of being a punk in London and going to see bands I could only dream of. The karaoke machine was brought out and everyone thought it was cute when Nibbles and Woogy danced to some of the music. Over all, I'd say it was a fun evening.
On Saturday we went to Wah-Wah's X-mas party. This party was being thrown at the Director of Nerou Sciences house which was in a really exclusive part of Portland. Frankly it was a little too stuffy for me. I was the only guy in jeans there. There was nothing but wine to drink and all the food was Asian. Most of Wah-Wah's co workers are very clicky and the rest don't speak English very well. Wah-Wah's director has a very nice house with lots of art work that took some time to look at. But overall, we didn't really talk to anyone and basically stood in the corner holding our wine glasses. I noticed a big difference from the way that social service people host parties from people in science and research.


shakedust said...

I'm glad to hear that your coworkers are fun to be around (at least in a party)

Could be the professions. Could be specific people in the group dynamic as well.

In my current office the "culture" is completely different from my last job. I think most of that has to do with the two or three dominant personalities that tended to assert themselves.

If the dominant personalities are open and friendly, then the rest of the office reflects that. If the dominant personalities want to establish a clique, there will be some exclusion.

T said...

It sounds like it would be difficult to break into the clicks in Wah-Wah's group. Maybe they will be less clicky after she's been there longer.

I'm glad that you had a good time at your party. "Party on Dude."

Roaming Writer said...

The house is nice, glad you got in before Christmas and got to begin settling. Christmas grotto looks cool too. The work thing will evolve over time I'm sure, but it's good you're trying. We miss your presence here in KC! Merry Christmas!

GoldenSunrise said...

Glad you had fun at your party at least. Have you found your concert buddy in your co-worker's husband? Hope Wah-Wah is liking her job even though some people are stuck up.