Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Best of 2006

Here's my list of best albums of 2006. Since they are all so good , it's hard to rank them so they are in no order

Asobi Seksu Citrus
Shoegazing was reborn in 2006 with this near flawless album. It's hard not to draw comparisons to My Bloody Valentine , but loud guitars and a ethereal voice is a perfect formula

Thom Yorke The Eraser
No Radiohead this year, but Thom released a solo album worthy of Radiohead. This album reminds me of Kid A and Amenesic in the way it sounds and really challenges classic song structure

Muse Black Holes and revelations
By now everyone has heard of Muse but this is a great rock album. The sound is bigger than their last album Absolution.

Starflyer 59 My Island
This is Jason Martin's best since Old. I've liked everything that SF59 has done but the last album Talking Vs Singing was just a little to slow and quiet. This is another good rock album. Solid yet SF 59 continues to go unnoticed.

Jarvis Jarvis
The debut solo album from the frontman of Pulp still hasn't hit the US yet. Jarvis Cocker can write great pop songs with a little humor. This album, he really speaks his mind and it is worth listening to

Keane Under the Iron Sea
Kind of what you expect for a follow up to Hopes and Fears. Keane continue to put out catchy pop songs that you can hum along to. They tried to be a little darker on this album, but they are only fooling themselves

Mojave 3 Puzzles Like You
I discovered this year the genius of Mojave 3's stripped down and laid back approach. Their songs are simply beautiful. On this one they add a little pop to this formula

Snow Patrol Eyes Open
Probably the best album of the year. This album proves that Snow Patrol is ready to be the next Coldplay. This album is flawless and concert ready. I can't wait to see them in Feb

Editors The Back Room
The best debut album of a Joy Division sounding band since Interpol. I can't wait to hear where this band goes with their sound next

Richard Ascroft Keys to the World
I have to admit, that after Richard's last album, I kind of gave up on him. But this is the best album he's done since the Verve Urban Hymns

Embrace This New Day
This album has been out since the first of the year and still hasn't hit the US shores yet. Embrace doesn't break new ground here but they continue to do what they do best, and that is Coldplayish style anthems that are catchy and uplifting


shakedust said...

Most of this stuff I only know from Forrest's compilations. I liked what I heard of Asobi Seksu and Embrace, though.

f o r r e s t said...

not too many surprises there. I am still listening to Snow Patrol. The jury is still out on that one.