Monday, August 14, 2006

Oregon vacation

We've been in Oregon now for a few days and I think I'm finally adjusting to the time change. The trip over to Newport was pretty tough. We left KCI at around 8am on Saturday. We of course needed to get there 2 hours early, but surprisingly KCI wasn't a whole lot different than normal. We were suppose to fly out on America West. Little did I know, that America West was bought out by US Air, so I ended up in the wrong terminal. It would have been nice if KCI posted that info. A few hours after leaving KCI we arrived in Phoenix were we waited a hour before flying into Portland. Woogy did much better on the plane than last year, but Nibbles was all over the place, and made the trip unpleasant
Once we landed in Portland, we realized we forgot Nibbles car seat and the car rentals would not rent us one. My dad picked us up and drove us another 2 hours to Newport. We figured it was 9 hours of traveling by the time we finally got to my parents's house. Everyone was pretty tired.
Yesterday, we walked down the hill to the beach. Woogy and I discovered a cave in the cliffs that he liked exploring. The ocean air here is so invigorating compared to the oppressive heat in KC. For the afternoon, Wah-Wah, my dad, and I hiked down the Drift Creek Falls trail. It's a pretty steep trail coming back, and I carried Nibbles on my back the whole time.
Last evening I spent looking for jobs out in Portland. Wah-Wah and I are warming up to the idea of moving out here. I've been praying about it a lot. Portland is a pretty progressive city with lots of culture and arts. It's a beautiful area with mountains and the ocean. I'm not too hopeful about finding a job out here however, but you never know. I'm just keeping my options open.
This morning, Wah-Wah, my dad and me went kiyaking down Beaver Creek. It's a pretty calm river so it was pretty easy . Our guide took us about 3 miles into the woods were we saw some eagles and beavers. It was really peaceful. We spent the afternoon playing on some sand dunes down on Agate Beach. Woogy had a blast playing in the sand and rolling down the dunes.


Doc said...

Ahhh. There is no better place in the summer than the Pacific Northwest. (Don't know if I could say the same for the other 9 months.) Enjoy your vacation!

windarkwingod said...

Kayaking and exploring ocean caves!?! I WANT THAT!

shakedust said...

That sounds like a relaxing way to start out the vacation.

You'll have to let us know how the job searching goes. I've never done that over a voluntary vacation before.

I notice that your last two posts have been about different vacations. Do you have another one planned after you get back from Oregon? :)

Roaming Writer said...

Sounds pleasant! Makes me sad for you to talk about moving away from KC. I guess that's not fair since I did!

T said...

Sounds like an awesome place to be. I want to vacation out on the northwest sometime. Right now, as you--all our vacation times are spent taking trips back home/to family.


Please keep us all posted on the job hunt. If you do end up moving you all will be missed, but it's difficult to be that far away from family and it sounds like a great location to raise kids too. Hmmmm maybe dash should job hunt in Oregon!? Or, maybe we should vacation there first! :) LOL, I think my family would disown me if I moved even further away! :)

GoldenSunrise said...

It all sounds great! Hope you continue to have a nice vacation. We would be very sad if you guys moved.

forrest said...

BTW, the weather in KC (or the midwest) has been awesome since you left. I blame the heat on you!