Friday, August 18, 2006

Oregon vacation part 4

Things haven't worked out the way I wanted them too. First of all Nibbles is very sick. Last night, we took her to the hospital for the second time. This time, she has been running a fever for 6 days and her mouth was breaking out with little bumps. Turns out she contracted herpes Simplex 1. The doctor explained that this is not the STD (thank God). In fact 99% of the population has been exposed to it. If you have ever gotten a cold swore, that's what herpes Simplex 1 is. The doctor said that occasionally young children get exposed to it and they can become very sick.
Where Nibbles got it from is anyone's guess. She's lost 4lbs already because she can't eat solid foods. In fact her mouth has become very swollen. She's been on a steady dose of tylenhol with codeine. It's hard for a parent to sit while their child suffers from a fever for over a week. Anyway, the doctor said that she should be better by this Tuesday or Weds. That put a damper on my job hunting plans. I had decided to do the interview in Astoria, but that isn't going to happen now. First we need to get Nibbles back home, second I found out that it will cost $600 to change my airline ticket, and frankly, that is just not worth it. So I will be heading home on Sunday as originally planned.
Reflecting on my Oregon vacation, it was a memorable one. Coos Bay was nice, but Nibbles has been so sick, nobody has really been able to relax. I guess things work for a reason


shakedust said...

Wow, I can't imagine what it would be like to see NJ go through that.

I am glad to hear that the doctor expects the sickness to pass. Poor Nibbles.

forrest said...

I guess we'll see you soon, I hope Syd gets better soon.

T said...

I can't imagine what it's like to have Nibbles so sick. I hope that she is feeling better soon. Since you will get this post by the time you are here...Welcome home! :)

GoldenSunrise said...

I'm sorry to hear that Nibbles is so sick. Hope she has a quick recovery.

Roaming Writer said...

Hope everyone is back to normal by now.