Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Birthday weekend

I must say, my birthday (Thursday 7/6) kind of sucked. It started with Wah-Wah giving me reminders that my driver's license was expiring today. It would of been nice if I got those reminders earlier, like weeks ago when they came in.
I hadn't said a whole lot about my birthday at work, but my boss remembered and she brought a Tippin's cake. Unfortunately all my other coworkers were out, so we had a lot of cake between the two of us.
By the evening, I was on my way home when I got a call from the Independence police department telling me that one of my client's was missing and they would like to talk me (since I was the last one to see her). As I was driving back to Independence, I missed my exit and had to go a couple of miles down the road to get off the freeway and turn around. By this point, I was getting pretty frustrated that I was missing my birthday at home and it was getting late. I guess I wasn't paying attention and ended up being pulled over by the police. I was doing 77mph in a 65. I did my usual "I'm sorry officer, I didn't realize I was speeding, my you look nice this evening." As always, the officer didn't care and gave me a ticket anyway. I even tried explaining my situation at work. He said that he was doing his job by keeping the freeway safe, and I told him thanks for the birthday present and what a great job he was doing and truly I was headed for disaster. The officer apparently didn't appreciate that remark and got in my face and told me that if I kept it up, he'd take me in. I told him that I better shut up then and drove off.
I'm sick of the Independence police, they have given me 3 tickets within 6 months, which is bad news for me. I called a lawyer and he said he could probably get the last ticket off my record (for a couple hundred dollars) . Thank God for lawyers! I've also decided that I'm buying a radar detector.
By the time I got home, my family had gone to bed and I had to take a driving test to update my license. Some birthday.
On Friday, I went into the DMV and got my license updated and found out that I could use glasses. That makes you feel old. I ended up working a few hours and that evening me and the family drove up to Iowa to see my good friend Dave. He always can find a way to cheer me up, and I could use it by this point. We stayed at my parents house but they weren't there. They had just put their house for sale left that morning to Oregon.
On Saturday, me, my family and Dave went to Iowa's only theme park-- "Adventure Land". It's no Disney or even Worlds of Fun, but it's alright for Iowa. This was my kids first trip to a theme park and I wanted to get pictures, but Wah-Wah forgot the camera. Usually when I go to these theme parks, I'm on the roller coasters and all the other "thrill rides", but with little kids we spent most of our time riding things they enjoyed. I did ride a few good rides, but Woogy lead the way most of the time. By the end of the day, the kids were pretty tired and Dave and I got together with another college friend and went out on the town.
On Sunday, Wah-Wah and the kids went to one of her old college friend's house, and Dave and I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean 2." I don't think I could explain the plot, but it was entertaining and I did like seeing parts of the ride come to life in the movie.
I guess my birthday wasn't so great but turned out to be a good weekend


GoldenSunrise said...

At least your weekend was fun. That's a bummer about your speeding ticket.

shakedust said...

A few things:

I got my license renewed this week too. When I got in line, though, there were a ton of teenagers in line to get or renew their permits. Slowed things down quote a bit. Also, I learned that vision through my right eye is officially "impaired," but that my left eye compensates for that fine.

Sweet talking a cop only works if you show a little skin. :)

Spending time on the kiddie rides is part of the breaks, I guess.

forrest said...

Double B,
You always crack me up with your humor - the way you sweet talked the police - classic.

Just curious what happens if you don't answer your phone or pager?

Do you get paid for all this extra time running back to talk to the police.

T said...

Did they find your client?

Sorry about the ticket--bummer.

Glad the weekend somewhat made up for your birthday.

Roaming Writer said...

It's good you had some pleasant time after the hassle on the birthday. I'm curious if the client turned up too.

windarkwingod said...

Tough bro - WE ARE Tough! FTP (the Independence ones...)

windarkwingod said...

I might mention here that out of the three speeding tickets I got in the last ten years - two were with Forrest in the passenger seat. WHATZ UP THERE!?!?!