Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My 4th

Since this 4th of July fell on a Tuesday, many people I know had a 4 day weekend, but not me. I ended up working on the 3rd and just settling for taking the 4th off. I really wanted to spend the 4th at a pool, but Woogy seems to be going through a phase where he doesn't want to go in water (even though he'll play in his plastic pool). Wah-Wah thought the kids would have a better time at Paradise Park instead.
In case you aren't familiar with Paradise Park, it's a cross between a children's museum and a Chuck E Cheese, divided up into two sections. In the play side, there is a ball pit, a kitchen (where they help the kids cook), and lots of little rooms where kids can play dress up. This place is a blast for kids Woogy's age, but sort of a drag for the parents who end up chasing their kids all day.
After spending the better part of the day at Paradise Park, I took Woogy out to see the fireworks in Shawnee Mission Park. Wah-Wah has decided she doesn't like going since she gets bitten by bugs and we usually spend an hour or two exiting the park. I've always have gone to firework displays, so it's sort of like a tradition to me. Woogy and I had a good time. We took Monty and played some soccer while waiting for the fireworks. Monty always attracts attention everywhere he goes. Everyone says he's so cute and want to pet him. He'd be a great babe magnet if I wasn't married.
The fireworks are always pretty late at Shawnee Mission and it always takes a long time to ext the park. If you get in the wrong car lane (like I did), you end up driving around the park and having to turn around way out at Bonner Springs. I never seem to learn my lesson so I'm sure I'll go back next year.


T said...

We watched the Shawnee Mission Park fireworks from the edge of 435 one year with my sister and her family. I can't believe how many people just pulled off the edge of the road.

forrest said...

monty or no monty, Double B, you are a babe magnet. period!

shakedust said...

Had Golden not had the baby this past week I would have had to work on Monday as well. I suppose I could have requested a vacation day, though.

We didn't really check out any fireworks around here this year for obvious reasons. I really like the Corporate Woods show from the times I have seen it, though. Last year we scoped out a spot where if we left right after the last fireworks exploded we could be home in about two minutes. Not bad in my book.

GoldenSunrise said...

Watching from off the road is definitely the way to go. And leaving just about the time they are done!

We did some pops and snaps on our patio on the 4th.

Roaming Writer said...

Yeah, I love a good fireworks display. The last few years we've seen some good ones. Springfield had 2 really good ones when we were down there. Corporate woods is a favorite too. Even stuck in traffic one year, it was only 20-30 minutes. Stuck in 1 hours worth in Boston once. This year we were stuck in traffic leaving the beach where we watched July 3 (not obviously anything to do with the US, just a coincidence).