Monday, May 01, 2006


It's been a few weeks since Monty has come back and I find it hard to remember why we left him out on a farm. He's settled down a lot since coming back. He no longer eats socks, or chews up books and toys. In fact aside from trying to "get it on" with some stuffed animals, he's a perfect dog. Woogy loves having him back and chases him around the back yard. Nibbles is just fascinated with him. Monty holds back from snapping at her even when she pulls his tail.
Recently we took Monty on the Shawnee Mission Park dog walking trail. It's one of our favorite hikes. It's the only area around where dogs don't have to be on their leashes. Monty always stays with us and doesn't run a head like all the other dogs. All the other dog owners always say what a cute and well behaved dog Monty is.
unfortunate I feel guilty taking Monty back from my in-laws. They were apparently pretty attached to him too. I guess I rationalize it by the fact that they never took him to the vet to get his shots updated, and they let him roam freely with a herd of angry horses. I felt that he wasn't going to last too long out there. I feel like I should offer to buy them another dog, even another sheltie if they want one. I do feel like I owe them, after all they did take Monty when I was too depressed over losing my job to give a crap about him. I sure don't want to cause a riff in the family either. Wah-Wah's side of the family is notorious for being angry at one another and not saying anything about it. Wah-Wah called the in-laws tonight and they just said they didn't want to talk about Monty since it was a "sore subject"


GoldenSunrise said...

Monty sounds like the perfect dog now.

You could clone Monty and offer the clone to the in-laws. : )

shakedust said...

Maybe you could handle this like a split couple handles the kids. You get it during the week and they get weekends, or one week off one week on. :)

windarkwingod said...

Is a clone of Monty only half of a Monty? I would prefer the full Monty.

Dash said...

darn you darwin! ... I was going to post the full Monty joke!!!!!!

I think binding custody arbitration sounds like it my be your only hope .... I hear it helps if you promise to pay for obiedience school and take on all the medical insurance expenses.

forrest said...

Very bad situation - Indian giver. :)

Anonymous said...

Bad juju all around. Sorry for the bad flak. Let me go Social Worker on you:

"Is this really what is best for the dog? It should be about the dog."

Hmmmm....maybe you could moonlight by pioneering the social work issues for pet rights in blended families. You could write a bestseller based on your personal recovery titled "My Dog, Your Dog, Our Dog."

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