Monday, April 17, 2006

He's back

I'm a real sucker for my son. Ever since we left our dog Monty on Wah-Wah's sister's farm 8 months ago, Woogy has been asking when he's coming back. I've tried to explain to him that Monty belongs to his cousin's now, but he doesn't seem to understand. This weekend, when we were back out on the farm, Woogy again asked me "why can't we take Monty home?"
I started to think about the good times I had with Monty and taking him to Shawnee Mission Park dog walking trail and to the park. I decided I wanted the dog back. Wah-Wah's sister was relucant to let Monty go but did say it was probably for his own good. She was expecting the horses to eventually kill Monty because he keeps trying to heard them. She said that he's already been kicked a few times.
Monty seems to remember his old home. It's got to suck for him. He's used to looking at wide open land and now all he sees is our backyard. He seems to have settled down however. Woogy is happy for the time being and is very possessive of Monty.
Personally, I'm feeling a little guilty since my 3 year old niece was getting attached to the dog, but she does have 5 other dogs, so hopefully she'll get over it. 6 months ago, things were much different. Between a new born baby and losing my job, having a hyper little dog was just too much. Let's hope things work out this time


shakedust said...

Sounds like someone is a glutton for punishment. :)

Congratulations... or bummer. Whatever you're feeling.

GoldenSunrise said...

I didn't think you would ever take Monty back. Hope it works out.

Achtung BB said...

I've been called a glutton for punishment before

forrest said...

good luck with the full monty.

Roaming Writer said...

I hope it works out. Dogs like to feel at "home" and have their people around too. Probably with all the other dogs he wasn't as comfy as he is with you.