Thursday, July 21, 2005


It has recently been brought up among fellow bloggers the question; what makes good humor? I have always considered myself to be a good judge of humor, but without sounding conceited, I know what makes one person laugh is not necessarily what makes another laugh. I could easily illustrate this by spending a evening with my wife watching the classic BBC show "Fawlty Towers", or the "Simpsons". I find these shows timeless and funny, when she doesn't. These are the two best shows that I can think of that take the absurd, and run with it to who knows where.
I read were pessimistic people are more funny than optimistic people in general. Being the pessimistic person I am, I could only conclude that the pessimistic person uses humor as a way of bringing light into a world, where they don't see any light. I know personally, humor is very important to me. Seeing some of the things I've seen on my job, humor is a way of coping and making sense of things that have no sense. I think most people I know understand that about me. Just the other day I got an email from a coworker I barely know and was thanking me for turning a other wise awkward therapy session into a stand up rountine. She said the clients really got a lot out of it and enjoyed themselves.
I also I think have a humor switch which is always "on" and looking for that one absurd moment. Of course the problem is turning the switch "off". This would be helpful especially around my boss who is not on the same level with me (which ever level that is).
I know a couple of things about humor; it is also all about timing and not being predictable. It's like going for that first kiss with someone. You look for the right moment and you want it to be perfect, but if you miss the opportunity, you may not get it back.
I also would compare humor to art. It captures the moment and changes emotion. Some people it offends, others appreciate it, but there is beauty in it. There are techniques but no rules. It is also takes creativity and thinking outside the norms.
Lastly, I would say about humor is that humor keeps us young. The second you begin to lose your sense of humor, is the second you begin to grow old.


clearing said...

Clearly, I wish I could turn you off sometime too! ;)

shakedust said...

I know of only one sure-fire off switch. Sleep.

Most of us enjoy the always on AchtungBB, though.

windarkwingod said...

Not many people make me laugh - but you had a knack for doing it! I agree with Dust - its always better to be on...